What is G3 certification?


The commitment acquired by the Federal Government has been to grant administrative facilities for the development of companies that actively participate in foreign trade, which is why the General Directorate of Foreign Trade (DGCE) has been contributing to this objective with the implementation of measures that simplify and expedite foreign trade operations through new information technologies.

One of these measures was the entry into force of the scheme for processing G2 Electronic Certificates of Origin at the national level, which was implemented on August 4, 2009, through Decision No. 53, signed by Mexico and Colombia, and which represents the first 100% electronic processing of foreign trade transactions by the Ministry of Economy.

Teaching in virtual environments G3 certification

Just a few days ago we told you about the imminent launch of the second generation of the Xpeng G3i, the successor of the current G3. An SUV of Chinese origin and 100% electric that will soon make the leap to the old continent and that is presupposed as one of the best in its category in the Far East. And this is not something we say alone, since the consulting firm JD Power has just certified it as the best model in its segment.

It is common knowledge that JD Power certification is highly valued among manufacturers. A source of pride in a job well done that has so far eluded Chinese car brands. Their products are not known for their quality and optimal performance, but we all know that sooner or later a Chinese manufacturer would manage to place one of its cars among the top class. And now it has happened.

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G3 Virtual Learning Environment Certification – Session 4

The G3-PLC Certification Program covers conformance, performance and interoperability testing. Awarded G3-PLC Certified products have documented PLC performance, conform to G3-PLC specifications and are interoperable with other G3-PLC certified devices.

“We are proud to be the first solution provider in EMEA to validate our G3 PLC technology according to a worldwide standard,” says Franz Buholzer, Product Manager at Landis+Gyr, “This certification is an important milestone in the development of interoperability and high-performance power management solutions for the future. It is crucial also from a technical development perspective that market players can test the correct implementation of the G3-PLC specifications and thus support the interoperability of the solutions”.

WELDING – Vertical position 3G, Butt joint with bevel

To be a leading company in the region in the transportation of cargo at national and international level, in the dispensing of various types of fuels and in the service of Minishop, constantly seeking quality and excellence, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

To offer customers first class products and services, through the application of strict quality controls, constant training of its human talents and the use of state-of-the-art technology to provide safety and professionalism to its customers.

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