What is management studies course?

Course of Superior Studies in Management and Administration of Human Resources

In the field of labor management there are many computer applications that allow to automate the process of human resources management, including management of workers, contracts, payroll, processing of documents of affiliation and contribution to the Treasury of the Social Security, sending contracts to the INEM, the communication of accidents at work to the Mutual Employers, the presentation and payment of withholdings and taxes to the Tax Agency or the transmission by e-mail of payrolls, salary receipts and reports.

For the development of the practical training we will use a computer tool “Labor Management” of APLIFISA, which provides license of such application, to the students enrolled in the Degree, for a period of six months. Graduates will have a digital identity and will know how to work securely in the Electronic Administration.

– Know the current legislation of the different types of agreements and contracts, their characteristics and benefits. Correctly interpret the collective bargaining agreements, to implement it in a computer tool to carry out the management in an automated way.

Course Public Policies and New Public Management (2/2)

Internships are activities carried out by students in companies, institutions and organizations; that is, in centers outside the university premises, which aim to enrich and complement their university training, while providing them with a deeper knowledge of the competencies they will need once they have graduated.

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Orientation for prospective students. The University offers various orientation programs for prospective students: we make visits to high schools and secondary schools, we organize guided tours of the campuses, we have a presence in Aula and, at the beginning of each academic year, we hold welcome days to orient new students.

Integral Tutoring Program. This program aims to improve the learning process of students, helping them to plan their efforts in order to obtain the best academic results.

Scholarships and grants. The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos manages the main annual scholarships and grants, both its own and from other official bodies: Ministries, Community of Madrid, International Organizations and other entities. It also publishes and disseminates scholarships and grants of interest to its students and alumni.    Throughout the academic year, students receive information about them through the different communication channels established.

Public Management – Free Course S01 | CEPEG

The profile of administrative and business management technician is increasingly demanded by companies looking for trained professionals to perform all the management procedures that are needed. Aware of this business reality in EAE Business School we have developed the Business Management Course (CGA) as part of our university courses.

The CGA is aimed at professionals in administrative departments and people who want to specialize in this area of the company. The course provides an overview of the different departments of the company, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to develop in the administrative management of the different business areas and specialize in areas such as communication and customer service.

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The online training facilitates work and family conciliation, without detracting from the quality of the program, and also allows the student to complete the program from wherever he/she is if he/she has a device with Internet access.

Course of Advanced Studies in Management and Administration of

For everyone, a day lasts 24 hours. But while many make incredible use of their time, for others the day flies by and they arrive at the end of the day with the feeling that they have not taken full advantage of it.

It is essential that you make the most of every minute you spend training, but you must also rest and enjoy leisure time. To achieve this balance, it is key to learn how to achieve proper time management.

There is the so-called theory or rule of the three 8’s, which consists of dividing the day into three parts: 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work and 8 hours to enjoy. In an ideal world it would be like this, but in real life it is very difficult to balance the day in this way.

The first step to improve is to analyze how you manage your time. You have to calculate how many hours you spend each day studying and, more importantly, whether it is time well spent. Remember that many hours of study are not synonymous with quality study.

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