The Senses for Children – Taste, Touch, Sight, Hearing and Hearing.

This chapter establishes the need to create a registry of good practices (BBPP), which will collect information on those practices that offer an innovation or a way of providing a better service than the current one.

The chapter on Competency Assessment, which deals with the Evaluation of Competencies, establishes that professional competency is the ability of the healthcare professional to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with the good practices of his or her profession to solve the problems he or she faces.

The European Commission’s objective is to complement national policies and encourage cooperation between Member States by promoting the identification of good practices. This Health for Growth Program contributes to finding and implementing innovative solutions that improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of health systems, focusing on human capital and the exchange of good practices.

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The Regional University Hospital of Malaga has celebrated this Tuesday the act of delivery of accreditation as a Center Committed to Excellence in Care (CCEC) within the Program for the Implementation of Good Practices in Care whose objective is to encourage, facilitate and support the implementation, evaluation and maintenance, in any nursing practice environment, of good practices in care. The hospital complex has been working on this certification since 2018, culminating now.

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At the Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga, more than 400 nursing professionals have been trained in evidence-based practices and more than 800 in specialized care through accredited courses and training sessions.

In this regard, he recalled how, since the selection of the center in 2017 from among more than thirty candidates and up to the present, training and implementation has been maintained, even during the pandemic, “trying to offer the best care and prioritizing health care.”

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In 2005 the UK Home Office stated that “before primates are acquired from overseas centers where such animals are bred it is necessary for the Home Office to have assessed and agreed to the use of that center with the

Home Office in the designated Breeding and Supply Schemes (1995 HC 125) pertaining to the importation of primates” and that “we will effectively only allow the use of animals from overseas facilities where we are aware that animals are bred for this purpose within acceptable welfare criteria”.

The Commission’s Legislative Program for 1995 will include the following four points on equal opportunity: the fourth Equal Opportunities Programme, the proposal for a directive amending Directive 86/378 on equal treatment in occupational social security schemes to take account of the Barber and post-Barber judgments, a proposal on the burden of proof in equal treatment cases, and a proposal on reconciling family and working life; – the Commission has also decided to prepare a Memorandum describing the current situation in the Community as regards procedures and solutions for the implementation of Community legislation on equal treatment.

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When talking about the “why”, in the first place, many would start with the economic aspect, especially in a framework of efficiency and profitability. Personally, I think we should start by talking about the ethical aspects. If a livestock farm or investment were decided only by yield, it would be very easy to increase it by means of unethical attitudes (tax evasion, “black” work, rustling, etc.). Considering that the reader is a “good” person, he is not only interested in economic profit, but also in obtaining it in an ethical way.

When considering how to manage a livestock farm, the ethical component cannot be absent. Leaving aside in these lines (but without forgetting) the ethical responsibilities towards the personnel and towards the environment (ecology), there are responsibilities that we have towards the animals that we have decided to exploit for our benefit. For those who know the livestock field, the attitude of any serious producer is to take care of his farm, at least for what it means economically for him. And in this sense, he invests a lot.

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