What is the commissioning certificate?

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Royal Decree 919/2006, of July 28, 2006, approving the technical regulation for the distribution and use of gaseous fuels and its complementary technical instructions ICG 01 to 11.

The installations that make possible the distribution of fuel gases from the transport networks, in the case of piped gases, or from the production or storage centers, in other cases, to the premises and equipment or consumer appliances, are subject to a set of regulations that are dispersed in time, form and technique.

The regulations use these standards as a reference, insofar as they are prescriptions or recommendations of an eminently technical nature, and especially when they deal with the characteristics of materials. They do not therefore constitute mandatory documents, but are part of a homogeneous set drawn up to provide a reference framework for safety aspects, as well as to facilitate the systematized execution of installations and commercial exchanges and to allow continuous updating.

What is commissioning service?

Commissioning is the process of starting up, regulating and balancing equipment and systems in a planned manner, and the moment of verifying that the previous phases of design and assembly have been correctly executed. … Review of system support documentation. Assistance to quality control.

How much does the gas installation certificate cost?

The price for issuing a first certificate is usually between 90 and 150 € for a house, although in the case of a community of neighbors or commercial premises can exceed 200 €. In the case of reviewing the installation and issuing a new certificate, the price will be from 120 €.

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How much does a gas bulletin cost?

The Gas Installation Certificate (known as gas bulletin) is the document that certifies that the installation of the gas supply (natural, butane or propane) is safe and complies with the regulations. The average price of a gas certificate usually ranges from 60 € to more than 200 €.


Today he is responsible for the Control Department, a great sportsman who loves running, cycling routes and boxing, he is a very resolute person in his work, who likes to investigate until he gets to the root of the problem and solve it successfully. He is certainly the ideal person for the job.    Let’s see what he tells us about commissioning and what it really means.

Planning is done from the very beginning of the project. It must be taken into account that any aspect of the project, such as zoning, calculations, choice of equipment and materials, erection, etc. will later influence the commissioning and commissioning process. Therefore the commissioning and commissioning process really starts from minute one of the life of a project, this way you will have margin to correct possible failures in any phase of the project.

For me the key to success lies in the elaboration of a well defined project in its entirety, so that the final result is an efficient and easy to manage and maintain installation. Although it is true that in this process having an adequate control strategy-system can make the difference.

When does the warranty of a boiler start to run?

The warranty period will start from the date of commissioning and validation of the warranty by an authorized ACV Technical Assistance Service.

How long does a gas certificate last?

Expiration of the gas installation certificate

Once we know the cases in which we will have to request the gas certificate, it is important to know that it expires after 5 years. Therefore, after this period of time, you will have to renew it.

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When is a gas bulletin required?

The gas bulletin is required before starting up any type of natural gas, propane or butane installation. It is the IRG-3 model that must be completed by the authorized gas installer.


Its mission is to validate and certify that an electronic signature corresponds to a natural person, legal entity or collective without legal personality. It contains the necessary information to sign electronically and identify its owner with his data: name, NIF, algorithm and signature keys, expiration date and issuing body.

The Certification Authority attests that the electronic signature corresponds to a specific user. That is the reason why the certificates are signed, in turn, by the Certification Authority.

How can I verify a signed document or know if a signature is valid? If a signed document is received, it is important to validate the signature, i.e., check that the signed data correspond to the originals, that the certificate with which it was signed is valid and that the file structure is correct. This process can be done through VALIDe.

A Certificate can be invalidated before it expires for security reasons, termination of the represented entity, etc. Once revoked, the certificate can no longer be reactivated and the entire application process must be restarted.

Who does the gas bulletin?

Who issues the gas bulletin? The issuance of the natural gas bulletin is a procedure that corresponds to the distributor or to an accredited installation company.

How much does the Rite certificate cost?

In addition, it is necessary to include the mandatory administrative fees to obtain any RITE certificate, which vary according to the Autonomous Community. For example, in the Community of Madrid they are between €3.12 and €52.04 (for installations with a budget of €60,000 or more).

What is the warranty on a heating installation?

The 2-year warranty applies to all boiler, heating, air conditioning and gas installations (except gas outlet and condensate drainage, which will be 1 year).

How to use the Digital Certificate and where to find it

In the following article we will see the different types of certificates and bulletins, what characteristics must be fulfilled to request them and when a technical memory of installation is needed. We will focus on natural gas installations as it is the most requested by users.

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It is a complete document, which specifies the characteristics of all the elements, including the appliances connected to the installation, that make up the installation together with a detailed sketch.

The gas installation certificate is essential for newly built homes, as well as when major renovation works have been carried out, when the service has been cut off due to a deficiency or if the installation has been out of use for long periods of time.

The user must request the certificate from an authorized specialist or through the gas distribution company. Often, the cost of the certificate is reduced when it is done by an authorized installer.

As we have seen previously, it is the document that certifies that the regulations are complied with and the installation is correct. It is also known as Gas Installation Bulletin and is demanded by the gas distribution company in the area.