First of all I apologize if you misinterpreted my comment “explain it to me now” I am sorry, that was not my intention, my intention is that I am very sure that you are not right and I thought you were trying to get away with it, besides, you said you would explain it to me when I want and that is why I told you to explain it to me now.

It is correct that there is a 2mil n/a that does not have superstrust,it mounts the same as the at 1800ke I had as well as the superstrust on the carina gti and the superstrust on the levin ae111 are the same as the celica n/a but not the turbo.

If so then I give you the reason completely, since at least I installed the shocks with reference 20 … oseqa valid for both, honestly I had no record that there were two different references, as I have based on what they told me at Toyota La Frontera when ordering them … for my clarified ….

Well, the truth is that I don’t want any bad feelings either and that’s why Islaracing I apologize if something has bothered you, moreover, I have seen that it has bothered you a lot that I told you that it is difficult to read you, however I read you because, like everyone, you say things that are important or relevant. More than anything I meant it as a reflection, not as an attack, it happens that you are very defensive and not only you, then the free interpretations (logical in a forum where it is difficult to give a tone or another to your comments) lead to these extremes. Again I’m sorry, but I still think you cling too much and think that we are all anti celiqueros or things like that, but as far as I know all who have gone through this post have said that the GT4 is a great car.

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Through this card, which is in fact a digital certificate, professionals in these sectors obtain recognition of their qualifications in another EU country other than their country of origin. The assessment of these qualifications will be carried out on the basis of existing standards, although the mechanism will be simplified by means of an electronic procedure.

At the same time, the system provides guarantees to prevent abuse thanks to an alert mechanism, which ensures that “patients and consumers” are “adequately” protected. The aim is to facilitate the freedom of movement of these professionals.

In any case, the Community Executive has stressed that this new certificate of professional recognition does not replace the procedures provided for in the directive on professional qualifications, but “offers an advantageous option” for those “who wish to practice temporarily or permanently in another EU country”.7

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But if you cannot afford to pay for health services, you can join the subsidized regime, for this you must have approved the Sisbén and be classified in level I and II. The application for the Sisbén survey must be made at the Sisbén office of the municipality where you live.

Decree 064 of January 2020 established that in the case of Venezuelan migrants who require health services, the IPS is empowered to affiliate them through the Transactional Affiliation System (SAT) or directly with the EPS for newborns and parents of minors who are not affiliated.

The Vice Minister of Social Protection, Diana Cárdenas, explained that all Venezuelans who are regularized in the country with PEP will be able to make the affiliation through the SAT system, territorial entities and hospitals. “We estimate that we have 410,000 people pending affiliation and those are the ones who would be entitled to coverage.”

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Through the SAT, which is on the website of the Ministry of Health, the territorial entities and hospitals will be able to affiliate their population electronically to the General System of Social Security in Health.

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The text determines, among the 20 principles on which the social Europe is based, that an “adequate minimum wage” must be “guaranteed” in all European countries. This must be set in such a way as to “meet the needs of the worker and his family in accordance with the economic and social conditions of the country, while at the same time safeguarding access to employment and incentives to seek work”.

But this non-binding declaration is only symbolic in scope because “the European treaties clearly stipulate that wages are a national competence,” recalls Claire Dhéret, head of the Employment and Social Europe department at the European Policy Centre (EPC) in Brussels.

But data from the European statistics office Eurostat reveal wide disparities, with minimum wages ranging in 2017 from 460 leva (235 euros) gross per month in Bulgaria to 1,999 euros in Luxembourg, i.e. a ratio of one to nine.

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