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Law 16/1987, of July 30, 1987, on the organization of land transport, requires the requirement of professional competence to exercise the function of road transport operator. This provision is in line with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009 of 21 October 2009 establishing common rules concerning the conditions to be complied with to pursue the occupation of road transport operator and repealing Directive 96/26/EC, according to which an undertaking engaged in the occupation of road transport operator shall appoint at least one natural person, called transport manager, who meets the requirements of good repute and professional competence (Articles 3 and 4). Precisely in order to meet this requirement of professional competence, Article 8 stipulates that the persons concerned shall possess the knowledge corresponding to the level set out in Annex I, Part I of the regulation itself. The demonstration of such knowledge shall be made by means of a compulsory written examination on the subjects listed in the aforementioned annex.

How much is a carrier’s title worth?

When and How Much? Pricing: Cargo Specialty – 900€. Passenger Specialty – 800€.

How long does the carrier course last?

The official tests of Professional Competence for Transport are held twice a year and are divided into two parts: theoretical test and practical cases. 2Requirements to obtain the qualification. 3How long does the course last? The course has a duration of 80 hours.

Who must have a transportation card?

The Transport Professional Competence Certificate (Título de Competencia Profesional para el Transporte or Título de Transportista) is mandatory for any company engaged in the transport of goods or passengers.

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Professional Competence in Transport

We leave you a free example of one of the video classes of the Course to prepare for the exam of Transport Operator (Transport Operator Certificate or Professional Competence for the Transport of Goods and/or Passengers).

Currently, it is necessary to have Bachillerato, or Vocational Training of medium or higher grade or equivalent, to sit for the exam of the title of carrier. Undoubtedly, this change is essential to take into account.

In Transport and Mobility we have a 100% on-line course to obtain the transport operator license with all classes recorded on video, and we have the official battery of multiple choice questions and practical assumptions of the Ministry of Development (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda). The course has the assistance of a teacher for resolution of doubts via mobile or mail.

We also have a whatsapp group where you will be in contact with the rest of the students, to solve doubts, comment questions and practical assumptions, and keep up to date with the exam dates of your autonomous community, because in this on-line course you will never be alone.

What does it take to obtain a carrier’s license?

Any qualification certifying the successful completion of undergraduate or postgraduate university studies. The exam consists of two tests, one of 100 multiple-choice questions and the other of 6 practical cases. The tests will be on the following subjects according to the type of transport operator qualification to which one aspires.

What can I do with the title of carrier?

Obtaining the title of carrier qualifies you to have a transport card necessary to carry out public transport of goods, both light or heavy vehicles and for local, national and international transport.

When is the examination for the carrier’s certificate?

First call: from February 2 to February 21, 2022 inclusive. Second call: from September 14 to October 2, 2022 both inclusive.

CAP spain

At the moment the CAP is only mandatory for those who obtained the type D license after September 11, 2008 and from September 11, 2009 the same will happen with those who obtain the type C license after that date, then little by little the rest of drivers who are engaged in road transport of passengers or goods will be forced to obtain the CAP.

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Today we present you a sample test of the CAP exam for passengers, specifically we allow you to download the questions of the CAP exam that took place on March 28th in the Valencian Community. This exam consists of 103 multiple choice questions in which you can choose between 4 possible answers.

You can also visit the following address where you will find a CD with all the possible questions that you can find in the exam collected from the database of the Ministry of Public Works. The CD offers thematic tests (adapted to the modules of the CAP Travelers courses) and exam tests, plus it will generate new tests with your own failures, statistics and much more.

What is Professional Transportation Training?

The professional training in transport, or commonly known as the carrier’s certificate, is an essential certificate to perform the functions of public transport, whether of goods or passengers, and the auxiliary and complementary activities of transport.

What is professional competence in transportation?

The PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCY is an accrediting title that recognizes its holders the capacity to be able to exercise both the profession of public service freight forwarder (or on behalf of others), and Transport Operator (Agencies, Freight Forwarders and Warehousing-Distributors).

How is the professional competency examination scored?

The complete exam is scored from 0 to 10. In the multiple-choice questions the positive answers are valued +0.04 and the negative ones -0.02, and the answers to the assumptions are valued at 1 point.

Transport training

Although every professional in our sector knows the meaning of the transport qualification, in this article we are going to go deeper and see in detail what it is, how many types there are, the exam with its syllabus and how to obtain it, links and calls for each Autonomous Community, how it can be recognized for being an EU citizen and how to comply with the requirements of training for transport.

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Individuals or companies interested in obtaining these types of authorizations (MDL, MDP, OT, VD) must prove that they have the professional competence title or have a manager who can train the company by providing such title.

The certificate of professional competence for road transport, both in the modality of passengers and goods, will be issued to all persons who are in possession of the title of Vocational Training of Higher Technician in Transport and Logistics, established by Royal Decree 1572/2011, of November 4.

*The Director General of Land Transport of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport may exempt from taking the exam to holders of a specific university degree or higher vocational training whose obtaining implies having examined all the subjects that make up the program contained in Annex I of Regulation (EC) 1071/2009.

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