What do godparents pay for baptism sponsors?

Strictly speaking, a person needs only one sponsor for Baptism: male or female, but could have two sponsors, a man and a woman. Here the Code of Canon Law seeks to eliminate the practice of having numerous sponsors, as has occurred in some cultures (No. 873). Furthermore, in case of emergency such as imminent death, a sponsor is not necessary.

Here we must pause to clarify who qualifies as a Catholic sponsor. A Catholic who does not practice his or her faith by regularly attending Mass or who has an invalid marriage disqualifies himself or herself from being a sponsor. In addition, if a person is Catholic but is opposed to the faith; for example, has the classic attitude of “I am Catholic, but…” and would not be a good example and witness to the faith is also disqualified. If a person does not struggle to fulfill his own obligations of Baptism and Confirmation, he will not fulfill the responsibilities of helping another to do that.

As a pastor, it truly disturbs me every time someone comes to the office and wants me to sign a sponsor’s certificate and attest that he is a practicing Catholic when I do not recognize him, he is not registered in the parish and does not come to Mass. In fairness, I cannot accept such a request.

What do godparents provide?

We like to think, when we ask an aunt, a sibling or a close friend to be the godmother or godfather of our child, that it will be that person who will take care of him/her in case something happens to us. It is a gesture of love towards that person, by leaving in their hands the most precious thing we have and at the same time, by trying to create a new bond of affection between them. You want them to mean as much to each other as they mean in your life.

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All this is precious, but it remains just that, a symbol. And, as Esteban González-Sastre Rodríguez, of González Sastre Abogados, says, although we do not like to put ourselves in this situation, “a wise and meditated foresight can be decisive when it comes to leave our children in the best possible conditions after such a traumatic and painful event” as it would be if something happened to us.

Godfather and godchild

“Baptism is the gateway to all life in Christ.  Through baptism our sins are forgiven (Acts 2-38) we become children of God (Jn-3-5) we are members of the Church. We are transformed into a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,” he says as an introduction.

YC: Candle, Bible and Rosary. Many compadres agree and sometimes share expenses such as the godchild’s clothes, the donation to the church or even the party, but that is a personal choice.

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Types of godparents

Godparents are not mere “honorary titles” to reward loved ones, they are reference figures who will influence a baby’s development and, if chosen well, will be of great help throughout his or her life. (Thanks to my godfather Francis Aiello and my son’s godfather Alan Blanc for enhancing our lives).

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