What is a labor certification

In order to be sold in the EU, many products are required to bear the CE marking, which shows that the manufacturer has assessed the product and it is deemed to meet the safety, health and environmental protection requirements of the EU. CE marking is mandatory for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are to be marketed in the EU.

Some products are subject to several EU requirements simultaneously. You must ensure that your product complies with all relevant requirements before affixing the CE marking. It is prohibited to affix the CE marking on products for which there are no EU specifications or which do not require the affixing of the CE marking.

You should check whether your product needs to be tested by a notified body. You can find this information in the legislation applicable to your product: check the applicable standards per product category.

If your product does not need to be verified by an independent body, it is up to you to check that it meets the relevant technical requirements. This includes estimating and documenting the potential risks arising from the use of the product.

How to certify people?

In the case of certification of persons, the requirements relate to competence criteria such as education, training, experience or personal skills. These competence criteria are evaluated by an independent entity, based on requirements contained in the reference document.

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How to make a service certificate?

To obtain the Certification of Services, employers may access: From AFIP’s website ( www.afip.gob.ar ). Entering with Fiscal Code to the service: “My Simplification”, option “Certification of Services”.

What are the elements of a digital certificate?

An Electronic Certificate…

It contains the necessary information to sign electronically and identify its owner with his data: name, NIF, algorithm and signature keys, expiration date and issuing agency.

Accreditation and Certification Bodies

Certification of Services. The Objective: With the implementation of the “Register of Social Security Additions and Removals”, created with the data contained in other computer databases of this Federal Administration and of the National Social Security Administration, the necessary information is available for the preparation of the certification of services and remunerations form.

Therefore, in order to simplify the procedures to be complied with by employers, both agencies have developed a computer system that allows the generation and issuance of the mentioned certification via “Internet”.

* The employment relationship in question is registered in SIMPLIFICATION REGISTRATION, except in the case of periods prior to October 2005 and the taxpayer has complied with the provisions of R.G. 3834/99.

* The tax returns corresponding to the non-prescribed periods after June 1994, included in the certification of services and remunerations to be generated, have been filed.

What does it mean to certify a person?

tr. to assure, affirm, take for certain [something].

How to print AFIP Services Certification?

Enter AFIP’s web page (www.afip.gob.ar), enter your CUIT/CUIL/CDI number and press the “ENTER” button, you will be able to visualize the adhered services. Once you have selected the option My Certification-ANSeS you will access this screen.

What is the private key of the digital certificate?

The private key is stored in the browser used for the request and the public key associated with the request code is sent to the Certification Authority (CA), which in this case is the FNMT-RCM. … The user must be able to access the certificate during the whole process of obtaining the certificate and download it with the same user and browser.

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Certificate of services rendered

The technical documentation is necessary to demonstrate that the product complies with the essential requirements and therefore justifies and supports the EU declaration of conformity. This documentation is necessary to affix the CE marking on the product.

In general, you may choose the language in which the technical documentation is written. However, market surveillance authorities may ask you to translate the technical documentation depending on the country in which the product has been placed on the market. If requested, you can also provide it in electronic form.

The manufacturer is responsible for identifying all possible risks that may be posed by his product and for determining the applicable essential requirements. This analysis must be included in the technical documentation. In addition, the manufacturer must explain how he has addressed all identified risks to ensure that his product complies with the applicable requirements, e.g. by applying harmonized standards.

What information does a digital certificate contain, check all the options that apply?

In general, it contains the identity data of the person, his public key and the name of the authority that issued the certificate. All identity data are previously validated by this authority, and the certificate can be authenticated in the same way as any other document with digital signature.

How to see when the digital certificate is fulfilled?

The validity period is included in the Certificate. You can check the CA for which it was issued by viewing the details of your certificate. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools – Internet Options – Content – Certificates and double-click on your certificate.

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Where can I acquire a digital certificate?

RENIEC provides the service of issuing digital certificates to individuals and legal entities, contributing to the development and implementation of e-government and e-commerce with total security, trust and legal value.

What happens to pre-1994 contributions

Faced with difficult situations, it is essential to find feasible solutions. Streamlining auditing processes and being able to continue to carry out our work in a way that allows us to verify the implementation of management systems in the best conditions of reliability, continues to help demonstrate the reliability of the systems to ensure the quality and adequacy of the processes.

This article is part of a series of four that aims to provide basic guidelines so that companies that are approaching the preparation of their non-financial statements for the first time can do so with an initial theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to face this challenge.

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