Fumigation in horizontal property

Are you looking for the services of a pest control company in Lo pagan, our technicians are experts in eliminating termites, cockroaches, rats, wasps … and any pest. Contact us at 685152725.

One of our major premises, is that we fulfill the guarantee, because we want you to be satisfied. The guarantee of all our treatments, is reflected in the contract, which means that, in that house if you have a problem with the contracted pest, during the warranty, technicians go as many times as necessary, until the problem is completely solved.

Where to report cockroach infestations

Murcia are made for the annihilation of living organisms that can cause diseases, ie pathogenic microorganisms, thus preventing the contamination of our homes, as well as

to deal with the elimination of microorganisms, such as bacteria or viruses and for the elimination of all types of pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice, mosquitoes, etc … to combat and prevent infections and contagions to your family in your home or your customers in your business to maintain conditions of hygiene and cleanliness.

In compliance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of Protection of Personal Data, it is reported that the personal data of the recipient of this communication will be incorporated into an automated files of which is responsible for

Registered fumigator course

We perform services of rat extermination, pest control, disinfection and hygiene among others, based entirely on an integrated pest control, where prevention is the first priority, to avoid possible future actions….

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What to do if my neighbor has cockroaches

The presence of pests can lead to a significant decrease in the value of the property when selling or renting it, so if a pest has been detected, it is advisable to go to an approved company registered with the Ministry of Health to carry out a proper cleaning and sanitation plan.

In buildings and residential complexes in cities, pests and harmful organisms of all kinds tend to appear and it is essential to pay special attention to common areas -garages, sanitation, storage rooms, garbage rooms, swimming pools and community gardens- as these areas are prone to pests.

Once an infestation has been detected, it is important to identify the organism to be dealt with, to be clear about the factors that have triggered the infestation and to take appropriate action. In addition, apart from carrying out a previous inspection to diagnose the situation and implement the necessary corrective measures, it will also be necessary to have a specific monitoring and control program.

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