Requirements for recognizing a registered child

In general terms, birth registration is the process of officially registering a birth with a government authority, and a birth certificate is the document issued by the State to the parents or caregivers as a result of this process. A birth certificate proves that registration has occurred.

In other cases, parents may be unaware of birth registration or may not understand its importance. Cost is also a significant barrier: parents may not have the resources to meet the costs associated with registration, including the expense of travel to registration sites or late fees.

Some ethnic or religious minorities have lower birth registration rates than the national average. This may be because their culture places more emphasis on other customs (such as naming ceremonies), or because they are marginalized and often live in remote areas, or are not recognized by their governments.

What if we do not have a birth registration

Kindly, in relation to the matter of reference, in the terms provided in Articles 26 of the Civil Code, 13 et seq. of the Code of Administrative Procedure and Administrative Disputes, and 6th, numeral 4, of Decree 987 of 2012, we answer the request for a definitive concept on the case in question, in the following terms:

According to Constitutional Jurisprudence, Filiation is “one of the attributes of legal personality, since it is indissolubly linked to the civil status of the person, and that, in this sense, people have within the Colombian constitutional law, a true “right to claim their true filiation.”[1].

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The right of the minor to a name and to the knowledge of his filiation is fundamental not only because of the aforementioned constitutional mandate, but also because his human dignity is at stake, since it implies the possibility of being identified and differentiated from other individuals and the exercise of other rights, such as those related to his food, upbringing, education and establishment.

What is birth registration

For this, you need the document, the full name and date of birth. If you want to manage the procedure digitally, you have to enter the mentioned site and select the online procedure option.

Then you have to fill in a form with all your data. Once completed, the system will indicate whether the certificate is in digital format and if so, in order to continue, you must accept the conditions of use. Finally, you will be able to download the certificate on a device or receive it by e-mail.

They must present the birth certificate, even if traveling with both parents, being this a requirement that has been in force since 2011 in any situation of traveling with minors. Also, those traveling with a foreign passport are required to present the birth certificate, even if they are traveling with both parents, being this a requirement that has been in force since 2011 in any travel situation with minors.

Nowadays, where digital technology is becoming more predominant in every daily activity, the State seeks to speed up and lower the State’s administrative costs and, at the same time, establish a better relationship with citizens, developing better services and quality of care. This makes it possible to respond quickly and efficiently to the queries received daily by the Civil Registry regarding the personal file, the relationship tree or the facts of life of a Uruguayan or foreign citizen.

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Why it is important to have our birth certificate for children

Both parents have a responsibility to support their child. Either parent can be ordered to provide child support and/or medical coverage. However, only one parent will be ordered to pay child support to the other parent.

When the judicial (court) process is used, HFS is represented in court by the Attorney General’s Office or the State’s Attorney’s Office. When a paternity establishment hearing is scheduled, both the alleged father and mother are notified.

After the time period for setting aside the VAP has expired, a VAP may be contested by the court and only by fraud, intimidation or mistake of fact, and the burden of proof is on the petitioner.

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