Ecuadorian Labor Code 2021

Home / Queries / Queries / Workday / Ordinary / 45 hours per weekShareNon-shareWorkday, Ordinary, 45 hours per weekWorkday, Ordinary, 45 hours per weekWhich workers are excluded from the rules on limitation of the workday? Workers rendering services to different employers; managers, administrators, proxies with administrative powers and all those who work without immediate superior supervision; those hired to render services in their own home or in a place freely chosen by them; commission agents and insurance agents, traveling salesmen, collectors and other similar workers who do not exercise their functions in the premises of the establishment are excluded from the limitation of the working day.

(See: Labor Code, Article 22; Decree No. 101, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, of 2004; Labor Directorate, Opinion 3594/075, of 07/09/2007; Labor Directorate, Opinion 3317/60, of 06/28/2016).

Which workers are excluded from the rules of the Labor Code?

Excluded from the limitation of working hours are workers who render services to different employers; managers, administrators, attorneys-in-fact with administrative powers and all those who work without immediate superior supervision; those hired to render services in their own homes; those who work in their own homes; and those who are hired to render services in their own homes …

What is work according to the Federal Labor Law?

For the purposes of this provision, work is understood as any human, intellectual or material activity, regardless of the degree of technical preparation required by each profession or trade.

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What is an example employer?

An employer is the person who must facilitate within the company or as a self-employed person that the people who work directly in it or with it have good working conditions, respecting their rights and offering them facilities.

Law 1429 of 2010

Those who manage the stress of work: this type of person allows the worker to achieve a purpose, since locating or managing this type of person, who is not blocked by the workload, is also important.

To deliver a welcome plan that reinforces that the worker who arrives knows which are the objectives and the results of the company. This way the time it takes for an employee to acclimate to the job is less,

An employer is the person who must facilitate within the company or as a freelancer that the people who work directly in it or with it have good working conditions, respecting their rights and offering facilities.

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What are excluded workers?


You must have lost some or all income after February 2020 for COVID-19 related reasons. These include the following: … inability to work due to COVID-19; death or disability of the head of household due to COVID-19.

Which employees are excluded from the 45-hour workweek limitation?

The following may be excluded from the limitation of working hours, i.e., from the 45-hour workweek limit: – Workers who render services to different employers. – Managers, administrators, proxies with powers of administration.

What is the concept of work?

Labor in economics refers to the hours people dedicate to the production of goods or services. Labor is one of the factors of production along with capital, land and technology. Thus, it consists of the human effort put into the production and sale of goods and services.

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Labor Code 2021

To order the registration of the aforementioned Collective Bargaining Agreement in the corresponding Register of Collective Bargaining Agreements and Collective Bargaining Agreements with operation through electronic means of this Management Center, with notification to the Negotiating Committee.

Likewise, the following are excluded: qualified technical and medical personnel, hired for a specific period of time or for a specific work or service, not subject to the statutory working day and/or by means of freely agreed fees, or subject to rates outside of these regulations.

However, once the Collective Bargaining Agreement has been denounced in order to facilitate the negotiation process, if one of the parties so requests, the validity of the regulatory content shall be extended from the date of the agreed termination for a maximum period of 23 months, without prejudice to the application of any legislative measures that may increase this period.

In order to improve the Company’s productivity levels with a greater territorial and organizational balance of the human resources available to meet the productive needs of the entity and the quality of the services provided; and to ensure a generational replacement of the staff of the Entities to guarantee the continuity of the services they provide, in the best psychophysical conditions of their professionals, the Company’s Management will prepare a Pluri-annual Employment Plan to be submitted to the General Works Council (CGE) before June 1, 2019.

What is the employer in a resume?

An employer is a person who provides employment. It is a concept intimately and essentially related to that of employee, who is the other subject of the employment relationship.

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Who is the employer and the employee?

Employer: In an employment contract, the party that provides a job to a natural person to render a personal service under its dependence, in exchange for the payment of a remuneration or salary. The other party to the contract is called the “worker” or employee.

What labor rights do Argentine workers have?

Argentina’s Constitution establishes a series of workers’ rights, including the right to decent and equitable working conditions, to rest and paid vacations, to receive a salary, to free and democratic union organization, and to a limited working day, among other rights.

Substantive Labor Code

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