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By reviewing parish records in the correct manner (either on microfilm rolls or by visiting the parish), you will have a better experience reviewing them in an organized manner.  We recommend you read the article Sequence when searching parish records.

The Diocese of Santa Rosa de Osos was created in February 1917 and covers the entire Department of Antioquia. It belongs ecclesiastically to the Archdiocese of Medellin and civilly to the Department of Antioquia.

You can search for ancestors in microfilms that you can consult in a family history center near you. Contact the Family History Center BEFORE you go to verify that they have the microfilm available. To find a family history center near you, click here.

Regarding the use of church records it is advisable to bring a letter of introduction from the bishop of the diocese in which you want to work. With such a letter of permission the parish priests are always willing to help the researcher.

How to download the baptismal certificate online?

To obtain copies of baptismal, marriage or death certificates from a parish, you can dial Telecom’s national information number from Colombia (Number 113) and ask for the number of the parish house in the town or city.

How can I obtain a copy of my baptismal certificate?

Since always and until today, the record of any sacrament is recorded in the books of each parish. This is done by hand. For this reason, you can only request that a record of any sacrament be issued to you at the parish where it was performed.

How can I find out where I was baptized?

Contact the church. Locate the church where the baptism took place. Many churches retain records of baptisms that took place within their walls. They may be able to provide you with a copy of your or your child’s baptism record directly.

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Baptismal Certificate pdf

The Digital Registry of Sacraments is not limited to being only a Sacramental Management Software, but it is essentially intended to be a meeting place for pastoral action and service of the Catholic Church.

– In order to give validity and representativeness to the data loaded in the system, it contemplates the “Digital Signature” of the Pastors, which assures the veracity of the information contained in the Database.

– It offers an optimization of time and greater speed in administrative procedures since it allows to quickly consult the basic sacramental information of each person, allowing in turn to request the relevant parish to send the “Certificate of Baptism” and “Certificate of Baptism for Marriage”.

The Digital Registry of Sacraments has a complete and dynamic module of “Reports and Statistics” that allows the analysis of the information and the consequent decision making in a simple, fast and effective way.

How to obtain birth registration online Colombia?

Go to the Registraduría’s web page to the banner “Consult here the office where your civil registry is located” located on the upper right hand side of the page. There you will be able to find out where your birth and marriage registry is located.

What is the price of a baptismal faith?

The baptismal certificate can be requested by any person interested in obtaining such certification. It has an approximate cost of twenty-five thousand pesos Mcte ($25,000) for 2021 and is valid for six (6) months from the date of issuance.

How can I view my birth registration online?

Citizens interested in finding out where their civil registry office is located, may access the Entity’s web page where they can find the button “Consult here the office where your civil registry office is located”, located on the upper right hand side.

How to request a baptismal certificate online in colombia

This is a mandatory document that must be presented if we wish to celebrate a church wedding. This certificate is requested to the bride and groom and is usually requested to the godparents of a wedding. If you are thinking of going through the church to get married you must first have your baptismal certificate.

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Baptismal records usually have the names of the baptized, sex and full names of the parents, the state of legitimacy, the names of the witnesses or godparents, date and parish where the baptism was performed. In some occasions you may see included the full names of the grandparents.

If you wish to request a baptismal certificate, you must go to the church or parish where the person was baptized and request the document, for which you will be asked to provide the following information:

– The process may take some time, but once the document is received it is valid for 6 months. If you already have the date of the ecclesiastical celebration, request the document in advance to avoid any problem for the big day.

Who can request a copy of the civil registry of birth in Colombia?

The request for birth registration must be made by the Judge or Family Defender in the case of foundlings or children of unknown parents, the National Registry of Civil Status, when the child is not a foundling, or the interested party who is of legal age and has an identification document.

What is a baptismal certificate?

It is the document issued by the Catholic Church that records the first of the sacraments of Christianity; through baptism a person is granted Christian representation.

How to obtain a baptismal certificate in Ecuador?

For the baptismal certificate she must bring only the birth certificate. At the church secretary’s office, located in the south of the city, she was informed that she must bring the minor’s birth certificate. There, the parish priest of the church must fill out the data of the baptism that has been performed.

Baptismal certificate before 1936

Are you eager to say “I do” to your partner at the altar of a Catholic church? If so, pay special attention to this certificate, which you must present, because it is one of the essential documents to formalize the marriage file if you want to celebrate a religious wedding: the baptismal certificate. Don’t you have it yet? We tell you what it consists of, the procedures to obtain it and its period of validity. Let’s start!

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Keep in mind that, if one of you or both of you live outside the place where you received the sacrament, in principle there is no problem if a relative or close friend collects the baptismal certificate. However, since the law of data protection is strict, it is better that you get information beforehand at the church, because it is possible that the person who is going to pick it up will be asked to provide an authorization signed by the interested party, as well as a photocopy of his/her ID card.

The validity of the baptismal certificate is 6 months, so we recommend you not to pick it up too far in advance. Surely once you are engaged you will want to start preparing everything, although it is not convenient to get too far ahead in some procedures and this is one of them. Why? Because if the document expires you will have to obtain the baptismal certificate again.    So, it will be enough to ask for it about 3 months before the big day.

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