Who can issue a LOLER certificate?

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First of all, the type approval or individual approval is necessary because on August 2, 2010, came into force the Royal Decree 750/2010 of June 4, 2010, which regulates the procedures for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, self-propelled or towed machines, agricultural vehicles, and establishes the technical and administrative procedures to be met by a vehicle to be approved, as a step prior to registration.

From 2010 to 2015 it was possible to process the individual homologation of used forklifts with the help of an engineering company or laboratory, but since the end of 2015, used forklifts began to be rejected in order to promote the sale of new equipment.

Only if it is new and when the manufacturer or authorized importer has approved the type in industry and directly issues the blue card valid for obtaining the forklift truck’s circulation license. Otherwise, it must be individually approved.

This is increasingly required, and if the forklift is going to leave the warehouse – even if it is only a few meters – it must be registered. Failure to comply with this, or any of the other requirements mentioned above, could result in fines of up to 1,500 euros.


Frequently Asked QuestionsP. Can you confirm if a Loadlink is classified as a “lifting accessory” and as such must be inspected under LOLER? If it is used in conjunction with a lifting machine to raise and lower a load, then yes, as it connects the load to the lifting device. Therefore, by definition it is an accessory. Due to the frequency of use of such an item and that they are effectively quarantined between use, then you may want to use the written examination scheme approach to extend the examination periods. Refer to LEEA 032 guidance for details, but it may be more practical to extend the periods to coincide with calibration periods, e.g. 12 months. Note that to do this you must comply with the requirements described in LEEA 032.

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1.6 “Data Protection Directive” means Directive 95 / 46 / EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data;

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Attached you will find a Consolidated of the information obtained from the Resumes and documentation submitted, which is considered to be incorporated to this Report, as part of this report. The proposals submitted and their documents will be returned to the First Secretary for safekeeping.

Thus we fulfill the mission entrusted to us and the undersigned members of the special commission are grateful for the trust placed in them by the Board of Directors, hoping to have fulfilled the responsibility assumed.

We also requested comments and suggestions from the Supreme Court of Justice, the Coordinators of the Bancadas, the Permanent Workers Congress (CPT), the Association of Municipalities of Nicaragua (AMUNIC) and the Mayor’s Office of Managua.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America, with more than half of the population earning one dollar or less per day and with unemployment and underemployment reaching more than 40% of the Economically Active Population.

The efforts of the international community to help Nicaragua in the relief of its economy are fading or failing with government policies that do not correspond to the levels of poverty, mainly in terms of wage policies.

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Strategic planning Pet & Beyond 1.1. Company’s business Pet & Beyond is a company dedicated to: Offering a comprehensive experience (health, fun, food, etc.) for pets and their

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CHAPTER V CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5.1 Conclusions After carrying out the study for the creation of the educational services company, we conclude the following points that justify the investment


Accounting controls the economic performance of any company. Accounting is a field or discipline that belongs to the science of economics, whose objective is to classify, record and summarize the financial results of a company.

GUIDE FOR THE PREPARATION AND EVALUATION OF INVESTMENT PROJECTS 1. BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT Policies, development plans and strategies of the company Historical development of the project or other related ones