Why do you need an incumbency certificate?

Application for permission to use the public highway

If, once the permit is requested, it is granted under certain conditions, these may not be modified or breached. If the person responsible for the work or removal fails to comply with the conditions of the occupancy permit, this will result in the immediate nullity of the license.

– In person, that is to say, going ourselves or another person in our name to the places indicated for it, taking all the documentation and carrying out the whole procedure ourselves in person.

– By Internet. At the moment there are web pages that allow us to process this type of licenses and permissions through a form elaborated by the city council. We send it telematically to the corresponding office and they will answer us sending us our license to the e-mail after paying the pertinent rates.

– By telephone. There are fewer municipalities that do it, since by telephone it is very difficult to prove the identity of the applicant, but we can inform us of all the documentation that we must deliver and the requirements that we must fulfill to obtain the permit.

What is an occupancy permit?

It is the act by which the competent authority to exercise the urban and subsequent control of the work certifies by means of a detailed act the full compliance of: … If these were carried out in accordance with what was approved in the license, the authority will issue the Real Estate Occupancy Authorization.

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Who issues occupancy permits in Panama?

Present the occupancy permits issued by DINASEPI of the BCBRP and the Municipal Paz y Salvo certificate. Submit certification from the Public Registry or duly authenticated copy.

When do I apply for a riverbed occupancy permit?

Permit for the Occupation of Watercourses, Beaches and Beds. The construction of hydraulic works that occupy the bed of a stream or water reservoir requires the processing of an application for a Riverbed Occupancy Permit. Likewise, a permit will be required for the permanent or temporary occupation of beaches.

What is an occupancy permit

In spite of its syntactic and functional similarity, the first occupancy license should not be confused with the certificate of occupancy, a document that may be requested when we register basic supplies (such as electricity, water or gas) and whose purpose is to confirm that a dwelling is habitable. Even so, and due to their similarity, in some Autonomous Communities both documents (certificate and license) have been unified.

For practical purposes, the first construction license is essential for registering a property or requesting a mortgage. In this sense, this certificate serves as a guarantee for anyone buying a property. Moreover, in the courts and tribunals of our country, some property sales have been declared null and void precisely because they lack this license and, therefore, cannot be registered as housing.

It is also necessary when we make an integral reform or when we start works that substantially change the configuration, alter the use or modify the intensity of a building. This is what happens, for example, when requesting a license of first occupation for old houses when we have carried out an extension or rehabilitation in them.

When is a riverbed occupancy permit requested?

The riverbed occupation permit is processed by public or private entities for the execution of infrastructure works that require the temporary or permanent occupation of a riverbed of a stream or water reservoir, located within the urban perimeter of the city, according to the conditions set forth in the law of the city, and in accordance with the conditions established by the …

What is an occupancy permit in Panama?

Any construction work built on an established property, once completed and prior to occupying it, inhabiting it, equipping it or starting any type of work or activity, will require an occupancy permit issued by the DOYC.

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How much is the fine for building without a permit in Panama?

Fines vary between B/. 50.00 and B/. 100,000.00, depending on the type of infraction, the value of the work and its percentage of progress, the most common infraction being construction without the required permit and registered plans.

Temporary occupation of the public highway for works, works or use of special vehicles.

This is the case for citizens of a country of the European Union, Switzerland or a member country of the European Economic Area (EEA). In these situations, you do not need to apply for a work visa: by implication, you have one through the Schengen agreements.

This means that the first step in the process is to find a job offer from an employer. There must be a company willing to hire you and initiate the application procedure. Without that clear intention, you will not be able to apply for a work permit as a foreigner.

Is it possible to proceed? Not so fast. There is something else you should be aware of. It is very likely that you will not have preference for that particular job. Therefore, you will not be able to be hired.

For there are two conditions under which you will be able to enjoy what is called a PREFERENTIAL REGIME. This means that you can skip the shortage occupation list and start working in positions outside of it. What are those cases?

How long does a building permit last?


YES, taking into consideration that the factory line or Urban Regulation Certificate is valid for one year from its issuance.

What happens if I set up a stall in the street?

Otherwise, for selling on the street without a permit, individuals must pay a fine of 100 pesos and have their license suspended or cancelled, explains Article 53 of the same regulation, which was last updated in 1975.

What do I have to do to set up a stall at the flea market?

You must be registered in the corresponding Social Security regime, have the appropriate residence and self-employment permit if you are not a Spanish national. You must be up to date with the payment of the municipal taxes required to be able to carry out the activity of street vending.

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Permit to occupy a public road

Royal Decree 797/1995, of May 19, 1995, which establishes guidelines on the certificates of professionalism and the corresponding minimum contents of occupational professional training, has instituted and delimited the framework to which the certificates of professionalism must conform by reference to their formal and material characteristics, at the same time as it has defined by regulation their essential nature, their meaning, their scope and territorial validity, and, among other provisions, the means of access to obtain them.

Royal Decree 797/1995 also conceives the norm of creation of the certificate of professionalism as an act of the National Government and as a result of its regulatory power, in accordance with its national scope and validity, and, respecting the distribution of competences, allows the adaptation of the minimum training contents to the socio-productive reality of each Autonomous Community competent in occupational professional training, without prejudice, in any case, to the unity of the system in relation to professional qualifications and to the State competence in the issuance of certificates of professionalism.