How do you empty an Ativa shredder?

Problems with paper shredder

I have contacted the company that is in charge of making the connection to the sewer and they have advised me to pump out the 2 floors, not just the one below. The bottom floor is 6 m vertically below the sewer connection and 10 m horizontally.

The best thing to do is for someone who knows the subject to size the needs to be covered and plan the necessary system. The owner will prioritize the budget, the builder will prioritize the benefit and speed, the technician the suitability… it will be necessary to establish how many users there will be, the per capita consumption, the emergency storage needed in case of pump stoppage…

I would like to know the reasons why the water company recommends to send everything to pumping well. I have my slight idea, have they given you reasons? I think it is for you to make the entire canalization to a deep pumping well that also serves as a connection well to the street. I have put one of four meters deep, of concrete, in a single-family house.


Larger and thicker plant parts can block the blade in the knife chopper and must be laboriously removed if the reverse rotation fails. The knife chopper is ideal for grass and softer plant parts. It also takes leaves and moss. The clippings produced are ideal for shredding. It works very fast, but the clippings must always be fed as it is not self-feeding. That’s why it tends to clog, especially if the clippings are quite unruly. It also works very loud. The roll chopper also processes solid plant components such as branches or twigs, as well as dry wood. It has an automatic locking mechanism that activates as soon as a branch or twig is grabbed from the roll. Once it has “threaded” a twig, it also takes twigs with links. With the knife chopper it must be chopped beforehand. The cuttings are shredded but also chopped, which is ideal for composting.Roller chopper Note:

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Shredder repair

The HSM Pure 530 shredder has a 300 mm mouth width, which allows for easy insertion of A3 documents. It also offers a P-4 and P-5 security level in its cross-cutting, which makes all data completely unrecoverable. The HSM Pure 530 shredder includes an 80-liter waste garbage can that is easy to remove and empty, making waste management simple for its users by simply removing the garbage can and emptying or replacing the bag.

How to unblock a paper shredder

HR-BM: Automatic workstationThe compact and reliable workstation – The solution for representative sampling and automated sample transportEmploymentCollecting, homogenizing, capsule dosing and automatic pneumatic conveying of powdered sample material.

Mode of operationAutomaticOptimized for samplingThe HR-BM workstation is suitable for receiving samples from external sampling systems. The sample material is collected, mixed and homogenized in the mixer. The desired amount of material from the mixer can then be dosed into the capsule.

The HR-BM can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s requirements Due to its low height and small footprint, the HR-BM can be easily integrated into any production equipment. Depending on local and construction conditions, the remaining material is disposed of by gravity. As an option, a pneumatic mail and injection system (HR-FRG) can be installed, which actively returns the material to the production flow. If only a few reference samples are to be taken, the ideal model is the HR-B without mixer. If, in addition to conveying through the automatic tube system, you also want to take samples in a cuvette, we offer cuvette filling as an option.

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