How do you run a successful safety committee?

Functions of the occupational health and safety committee

This team is one of the most important for companies because all its functions and activities are focused on the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents, the promotion of health by helping to ensure safe working environments and control of the rules and regulations of occupational safety and health.

The main objective of COPASST is to provide support to the employer’s legal obligations and to encourage a commitment in all the company’s collaborators to identify all unsafe conditions and acts that may present a risk to the worker and end in an occupational accident or illness.

It is very important to establish a good communication with the workers, that is why a communication channel must be established, the function of this means will be to organize and centralize the information in such a way that it reaches the whole committee in an efficient way.

In some companies the method used is a COPASST group by e-mail, in which all important events related to safety and health at work will be reported, so that everyone is informed and decisions are made.

What is the Steering Committee and what are the types of committees?

What is a Management Committee? It is a management body in which the CEO meets with his immediate team, so that the different areas of the company are represented. Its purpose is threefold: To perform an advisory and consultative role for the general management.

What are the functions of a safety committee?

The health and safety committees and the prevention delegates are responsible for defending the interests of workers in terms of occupational risk prevention. To this end, they are responsible for information, consultation and negotiation, surveillance and control.

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How to make a good committee?

Make sure the purpose is clear.

You have already established the purpose of the committee. However, your members should also be clear on what the purpose is and you should discuss it at the first meeting. You should also be clear about how members will contribute in terms of time and ideas.

Committee meetings

It is a committee formed by representatives of the collaborators and representatives of the company, it is of parity character; that is to say that it has the same amount of representatives of both parts with the same rights, and its main function is to promote and to watch over appropriate conditions for safety and health at work.

We usually have a lot of things to do, at times our workload increases. Although the legislation indicates that the members have 4 hours per week exclusively for the functioning of the committee, sometimes we do not respect this time and that is when the COPASST committee takes a back seat, for which we never have time.

To prevent this from happening to you, have a clearly defined structure for your committee. For example, you can use a format of minutes or script for the COPASST, where you do not leave out any of the key issues that must be addressed, either by law or by the pending issues that you bring from previous meetings.

What is a Steering Committee?

The Management Committee is a fundamental body for this purpose: it is the team in charge of defining the direction the company should take, ensuring its long-term viability, strategy and objectives. The Management Committee meeting is therefore vital for the company.

What is a Safety Committee?

It is a bipartite and joint body made up of representatives of the employee (HEADQUARTERS) and of the workers, with the powers and duties provided for by national legislation and practice, for the regular and periodic consultation of the employer’s actions in terms of risk prevention.

What are the functions of the Health and Safety Committee?

The Health and Safety Committee shall have the following competencies: Participate in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of the company’s risk prevention plans and programs. … To know and inform the annual report and the annual programming of prevention services in the company or work center.

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Topics for the joint committee

The integration of management systems offers great advantages, such as the optimization and reduction of resources and time spent in the management of the system itself, the simplification and reduction of documentation and a more efficient management of the organization’s processes. Successful systems management therefore depends on integration. This article provides some keys to the successful integration of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems.

First of all, it is necessary to identify all the management systems in place in the organization, the methodologies being used and the responsibilities assigned. If the organization has no systems in place, then the next step can be started.

Planning is the third action to be carried out. To do this, a timetable is established specifying the elements to be integrated, deadlines, those responsible for the affected processes and the documents to be generated.

How are occupational health and safety committees formed?

The Committee shall be formed by the prevention delegates, on the one hand, and by the employer, or his or her representatives in a number equal to that of the prevention delegates, on the other.

What is a committee meeting?

Well-planned and efficiently managed committee meetings are a source of satisfaction as well as productivity. A chairperson can manage a meeting efficiently if he or she plans ahead. Determine the need and relevance of the meeting.

What is a committee and its characteristics?

Definition and characteristics of committees By its nature: The committee is known as a “board”, “commission”, “working group” or “team”, its essential nature is the same, since the committee is a group of people who, as a group, are entrusted with some matter. …


What have we come together for? It seems like an easy question, but sometimes it can be lost sight of. It is easy to get carried away by other, more functional matters, or even to give too much prominence to less urgent issues. The challenge for the Steering Committee is to make the meeting an effective channel for decision making. To achieve this, there are several factors to take into account.

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The leadership development of the Management Committee as the first team of a company is a key aspect of organizational development. From my experience, I would emphasize that the appropriateness of the strategy, the effectiveness of execution, cohesion and commitment to achieving objectives depend on the proper functioning of the Management Committee.

Forgetting to discuss essential issues as a Committee and getting carried away by other more operational decisions is more common than we think. In my case, I have been surprised to observe that, in many cases, the dialogues of a Steering Committee end up focusing more on the functional areas of the company than they should. Sales and financial targets are discussed, but not with the desired interaction. We should ask ourselves how many such meetings really focus on a strategy for the future: What are the dynamics of decision making? Are successes and failures questioned in depth? Are latent conflicts overlooked? Ultimately, what impact does the committee have on the company’s organization? Are these meetings effective?