How do you stop event capture?

Smart Event Visualization in Teams

Use event propagation and event capture to reduce event handlers.The ActionScript 3.0 event model introduced the concepts of event propagation and event capture. Leveraging event propagation can help optimize the execution time of ActionScript code. In order to improve performance, it is possible to register an event handler on one object, rather than on multiple objects.

The code is much simplified and optimized, with only one call to the addEventListener() method in the main container. Detectors are not re-registered in Apple instances, so there is no need to remove them when an Apple is clicked. The onAppleClick() handler can be further optimized by stopping the event propagation, which prevents the event from going any further:


Use the simple editing tools of the free screen recorder to make the recording perfect. Save the file in the format that is most convenient for you on your PC or Mac laptop.

Use the free PC screen recorder with audio as a video recorder. Record your voice with the microphone, capture face with the webcam and record internal sounds with the free system audio.

Go to the Buy Now page and purchase the program. We will ask you to give us your email address. When the purchase is completed, we will send you an activation key by e-mail. Open the program and enter or paste your activation key into the corresponding field in the Activation dialog box.

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For more information on using roles in Teams meetings and how to change user roles, see Roles in a Teams meeting. For live event recording options, see Live event recording policies in Teams.

For a Teams user’s meetings to be recorded, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online must be enabled for the enterprise space. In addition, the following prerequisites are necessary for both the meeting organizer and the person initiating the recording:

Users will not need to have OneDrive for Enterprise or SharePoint Online enabled if you want users to only be able to record and download recordings. This means that recordings are not stored in OneDrive for Enterprise or SharePoint Online, but in Teams temporary storage with a 21-day limit before they are deleted. This is not something an administrator can control, manage or delete at this time.


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