Relationship of trust between domains

However, delegating is not an easy task, it requires a lot of planning, a lot of patience, trust in the capabilities of others, detachment from our tasks, and losing the fear that others will do them better than us. Delegation is more a process than an act. A process that involves a work of self-knowledge and self-regulation, proper planning, making the right decisions, and good follow-up, to ensure that we have delegated effectively.

The first step to delegate is to define very precisely what tasks or functions I want to delegate, what specific actions the person to whom I am going to delegate must develop to properly execute that delegation, and to be clear about what I want to achieve with it. It is very important that the person to whom you delegate is aware of the objective of the delegation, the purpose of the delegation.

Nor do we usually take into account the level of preparation and motivation that the person to whom we delegate has to assume these new tasks. The combination of both factors is key to making decisions on whether to delegate or not, and the degree or form of delegation.

Trust or domain information cannot be modified.

Models such as Teal empower professionals, favoring innovation and the smooth running of a company. They also significantly improve employee motivation and well-being, which greatly strengthens employer branding.

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To solve this, it is essential that leaders trust their teams and know how to delegate part of their responsibilities to them so that they can focus on those tasks in which they are really needed. If you know how to delegate properly, your employees and your business will thank you for it.

Delegation is not simply a way to better distribute work and responsibilities, but a great opportunity to get closer to your teams, offering them opportunities for professional development. Learn to instill this practice in your organization and you will make it more innovative, flexible and competitive.

How to delegate effectively

In my life, I’ve seen big changes in delegations since I started regularly engaging with freelancers. I get more and projects benefit from expert contributions. I also get to spend more time with my family, doing things we all enjoy.

Gig Mindset expects my network of freelancers to become my first point of call when I have something to do. Every element of the gig mindset takes practice. By far the hardest, in my experience, is delegation.

It is difficult because, to delegate successfully, you must be willing to relinquish control. It takes courage to change your mindset, to trust people with different backgrounds, and to radically reinvent the way you work and live.

However, to truly commit to what is possible in Gig Economy, delegation is essential. Let’s look at what I mean by delegation in a Gig Mindset context and why it is such an important skill.

Could you sit in the passenger seat, apps out, playing Navigator all the time? Absolutely. You could even drive yourself if you need to have that much control. Delegating means stepping back from the driver’s seat and trusting your independent professional to follow directions and ask questions if you get stuck.

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If you have any doubts about the tasks entrusted to you, the ideal is to maintain direct communication with your assistants, such as through a WhatsApp group. Doubts will surely arise along the way or, perhaps suggestions, so be attentive to answer each of their concerns. In this way, they will also be kept up to date on progress with the various suppliers.

Although some tasks will be ordered with instructions, such as choosing white calla lilies for the decoration of the temple, so that everything harmonizes, it is also good for them to relax a little and let themselves be surprised. Finally, your collaborators will want the best for you and will do their best to please you on your big day. For example, if the best man will be in charge of the bridal glasses, give him the freedom to choose them as he pleases.

Or if your siblings have signed up for the souvenirs, allow them to come up with ideas and carry them out. This will not only lighten their load, but your loved ones will feel honored to add their stamp to the celebration.

By Rachel Robison

Rachel Robison is a blogger who collects information on court filings and notices.