Recognition of years worked abroad

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations organization responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. UNWTO positions are filled through a careful selection process that takes into account, among other factors, academic qualifications, international experience and language skills.

Onboarding: We facilitate arrival at UNWTO by providing information on working conditions and joining the UNWTO Secretariat. New staff members follow an induction course to help them integrate quickly into the new working environment.

International health care: We offer comprehensive health care coverage including medical and dental expenses worldwide for our staff members and service contract holders.

Interested applicants wishing to apply for an employment opportunity should follow the specific instructions provided in each vacancy announcement or call for expressions of interest.


Applicants from Private Universities (recognized by the Council of Private Higher Education CONESUP), National Technical University (UTN), University Colleges (agreement) and the Technological University of Costa Rica, Foreign Universities must pay the fees for the due process.

To do so, you must request from your Academic Unit a Certificate of Graduation indicating that your thesis is pending.  The Academic Unit will make a study and send the transcript to the Registrar’s Department.

To do this you must request in your Academic Unit a Record of Pending Subjects, indicating the subjects, maximum three, the Academic Unit will make a study and send the Record to the Registrar’s Department.

This is an official document that has the seal of the institution and signature of the competent authority, in which are registered, among others: – The approved subjects.- The grades.- The grading scale.

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It is the description of each course or subject approved by the applicant, indicating, at least, the thematic content. This document must be stamped by the corresponding institution and must correspond to the period of studies of each applicant.

National Planning Department

To carry out these functions effectively, it maintains close coordination with federal and state agencies.    In addition, it develops regulations and carries out actions to ensure compliance with current regulations. Among these are the development of activities where the methods of final disposal of used water and waste generated by industrial and agricultural activities are supervised.

The Commission will be in charge of implementing the provisions of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act, better known as the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

In turn, it will have the authority and discretion to establish a fee to be charged to voluntary participants to defray the direct and indirect costs necessary to develop, implement and monitor the program.

Currently, the economic incentives are granted by EPA-Region II. To be eligible, you must be a government agency or a non-profit entity.    Among the incentives are the following

Dnp sisbén

For the publication of vacancies, we privilege the use of our website and our LinkedIn page, however, on some occasions we can also publish the competitions through other media.

Once the competition is published, we begin the process of “Receipt of Applications”, period in which we receive the background of all the people who wish to participate in the process.

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Optionally, we apply specific Technical Knowledge Tests for the position. In this case, we contact the pre-selected applicants to carry out this evaluation at our facilities.

Subsequently, the candidates who have had a good evaluation will be interviewed by the requesting area. At this stage, we conduct interviews with the Direct Manager and one other person to be defined on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, this interview may include Technical Tests of knowledge and skills required for the position.

In order to seek greater transparency and efficiency in the Selection Process, we will optionally conduct, as an alternative to the individual interviews, a Panel Interview, in which representatives of the applicant area and Human Resources participate.

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