How do you write safety minutes?

How to write a summary record

Summary records are official documents that summarize the proceedings of meetings of certain bodies and record the decisions taken. They are drafted in English and translated into the other official languages.

Keep in mind the spirit of economy that should have animated the drafting of the original minutes and try to express concepts as concisely as possible. General instructions for the translation of summary minutes are given below, followed by more detailed instructions.

Minutes usually consist of a series of speeches by delegations, and contain two types of sentences: those with the speaker as the subject (which appears at the beginning with the speaker’s name or title in bold type) and those without.

When translating sentences with He/She/It, Her country or His delegation as the subject, the subject cannot be left unspoken, nor can the speaker’s name, pronoun, or possessive without clear reference be used. Unless the antecedent is unambiguous, one should say “The speaker”, “The government of [Country]”, “[Country]”, or expressly mention the subject in question (“This phenomenon”).

Sample meeting minutes pdf

Organizations, associations and companies that work with different languages and operate on an international scale require in certain situations the preparation of minutes in foreign languages or the transcription of sound recordings.

Do you need a verbatim reproduction of the meeting minutes? We make professional sound and image recordings and then carry out the exact transcription. If necessary, we translate the transcriptions into the desired languages.

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In a first step, voice recordings of witness interviews in internal disciplinary proceedings of associations or companies had to be transcribed and then translated into the different languages of the members of the disciplinary commission.

Types of meeting minutes

If we start from the beginning with minutes that include all the information about the meeting, we will be sure that the information is correct and reliable. Starting by including the date and time, the location and the attendees, will allow only the end time to be noted at the end and there will be no room for errors.

There may be more or less freedom in this regard, but in any case for a meeting record to be effective the topics should be recorded in logical thematic groupings. These groupings will depend on the person writing the minutes, but in any case they will be closely linked to the order of the agenda items.

When agreements are reached at a meeting of collegiate bodies or any other kind, it is important that the details of these agreements are recorded in a comprehensive manner. This is because, in the future, it may be necessary to refer to details that are likely to be forgotten. To be effective in recording agreement descriptions, the key is to write concisely, giving priority to the most valuable data such as names, dates, times and responsibilities.

Example of committee meeting minutes

This is a bipartite and joint body made up of representatives of the employer and the workers, with the powers and duties provided for by national legislation and practice, for regular and periodic consultation on the employer’s actions in the area of risk prevention.

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It is the workers who elect their representatives to the occupational safety and health committee or their occupational safety and health supervisors. In workplaces where there are trade union organizations, the most representative organization calls the elections of the joint committee; otherwise, the company is responsible for calling the elections.

The health and safety committee, the supervisor and all those involved in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System have the authority they require to properly carry out their functions. They are also given badges that allow workers to identify them.

The employer must ensure, where appropriate, the establishment and effective functioning of an Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the recognition of workers’ representatives and facilitate their participation.