Quality control in a hospital

The function of a manager in health services consists of carrying out various activities such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial, human and material resources with the intention of providing care with the best possible efficiency, oriented towards the person, the client, his family, the nursing staff, and the interdisciplinary teams. Management is identified as a human and social process that relies on interpersonal influence, leadership, motivation, participation, communication and collaboration.

Professional nursing practice includes providing individualized care, the intervention of a nurse as a therapeutic resource and the integration of specific skills, requires intellectual resources, intuition to make decisions and perform thoughtful and reflective actions that respond to the particular needs of the person. It is also necessary for the nurse to work interdependently allowing the collaboration of the hospital staff.

What can be done to improve the healthcare system?

Improving physical and economic accessibility to health, increasing infrastructure in institutions, especially in rural regions, promoting health education and improving quality are some of the problems in the health system, Coneval suggests.

How should health care be provided to the user?

It is expected that customer care in health includes elements that protect the health, integrity and even the privacy of users. The treatment should be humane and sensitive, in accordance with the situation that most probably those who seek health services are going through.

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What is user care and orientation in health services?

The User Attention and Orientation procedure refers to the active and attentive listening to the user, his family and/or interested parties, requesting additional information if necessary, in order to deliver the response or service as requested, for which use is made of the information, …

Php nursing what it means

The vast majority of people trust the judgment of others who have already been through the same experience and do not hesitate to follow their advice, especially when it comes to taking care of their health needs.

Remember that they have the right to know exactly what is going on with their case and it is your duty to make sure they understand the entire process you will go through to improve or restore their oral health.

Remember that it is not only words that count at this point, the non-verbal language of each member of the team can play in your favor to attract new patients thanks to good recommendations.

By putting these 10 simple steps into practice, you can improve patient satisfaction and ensure that their experience will be positive, increasing the chances that your clinic will be the one chosen by family and friends of your own satisfied patients.

Improvement proposals for a hospital

Objective: To coordinate the activities of the Hospital Units of the Valley of Mexico in order to make available resources more efficient for the benefit of external users and thus prevent the rejection of patients and ensure their expeditious transfer to the unit that has the necessary resources for their care.

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The purpose of this program is to facilitate medical attention in the hospitals of the Instituto de Salud del Estado de México to all women with high-risk pregnancies and, in this way, collaborate in the reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

Objective: Coordinate the emergency care of hospital units, with emphasis on the responsibility of channeling pre-hospital care patients in an expeditious and safe manner, in order to make available resources efficient for the benefit of external users, thus preventing the rejection of patients and ensuring their expeditious transfer to the unit that has the necessary resources for their care.

Receives and captures the information and searches for the Resolutive Hospital; and in case of transfer of a physician from one hospital to another, transmits the information to the subdirection of medical attention for resolution.

Importance of nursing care

Today’s Secretariat of Health of Mexico City was born on December 15. In 1909, the then governor of Mexico City, Don Guillermo de Landa y Escandón, inaugurated the first aid station for the “treatment of injuries”. It was the origin of this public health institution, which in this 2019 turns 110 years old. The Imparcial of that date gave an account of his words at such a memorable moment: “I have no doubt that the expertise, dedication and activity of the staff of doctors, practitioners and nurses, will greatly reduce the well-known contingencies that prevented providing effective and immediate care to the wounded and injured”. Dr. Leopoldo Castro was the first director (Cien años atendiendo a tu salud, 2009).

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In those years, the old Juarez Hospital in Mexico City had been overwhelmed to attend what was called “blood events”, which consisted of attending the wounded and injured in the streets of the capital, especially people of scarce economic resources. Those were pre-revolutionary times, when there was great political turmoil. For this reason, this sanitary unit was a police dependency, whose full name was Puesto Central de Socorros de las Comisarías de la Policía. It was located on the streets of Las Verdes (now Victoria) and Revillagigedo, in the center of the city.

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