How long must a file be kept in Colombia?

Taking into account that this article corresponds to Title III on the Accounting of businessmen, we could refute if this term refers only to the accounting documentation (Journal, Inventory and Annual Accounts, Minutes…) but it is clear that accounting alone does not duly justify the reality of the operations carried out.

Many people focus only on the statute of limitations, especially in tax matters, when it comes to establishing a timetable for the conservation of the company’s documentation. In the following table you can see when the statute of limitations expires for the different obligations in general:

However, to stay simply with these deadlines would be very far-fetched, having to adapt to the different operations and above all to the obligations that may arise as a consequence of them. In this respect, as examples of documentation that we will have to conserve during more time we can observe:

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How long should OSH documents be kept?

Decree 1072 of 2015, in Article, establishes that the records and documents that support the OSHMS must be kept for 20 years, as of the termination of the employee’s employment relationship with the company.

How long are employment contracts kept?

Employment contracts: a minimum of four years, but a period of 6 years is advisable. Payroll receipts: a minimum of 5 years. Social Security contribution slips: a minimum of 5 years.

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How long must labor documents be legally kept in the company?

Entrepreneurs shall keep the books, correspondence, documentation and supporting documents concerning their business, duly ordered, for six years, as from the last entry made in the books, except as established by general or special provisions.


The daily management of a Community of Owners, generates a considerable volume of papers: Invoices, letters, budgets, calls for meetings, contracts with suppliers, work reports, etc?

Time goes by and the documents grow. For that reason it is convenient to review them and to destroy, if we see it convenient those that are not of utility. But WARNING. There are documents related to the management of the community of owners that the community or the administrator of the same one, must conserve during a period of time established by Law.

The Social Security demands specific terms, and it is for that reason that it will be considered an infraction not to conserve the documents that accredit the fulfillment of the obligations in the matter of affiliation, registrations, cancellations or variations of data, or the registries or computer supports in which they have been transmitted; the documents justifying the inscription of the employer; the document of association for the protection of the professional contingencies and, in its case, of the option for the coverage of the economic benefit by temporary incapacity; the document of affiliation; the parts of high and low, and the communications of variations of data,

How long should contracts be kept?

Except as provided in special rules, the documents to be kept may be destroyed after twenty (20) years from the closing of such documents or the date of the last entry, document or voucher.

How long should Copasst minutes be kept?

Annexes 2 years 18 years x x x x x x Once the retention time has expired, the documentation must be digitized and preserved according to Sole Regulatory Decree of the Labor Sector 1072 of 2015 Article preservation of documents.

Where are employment contracts kept?

It is an obligation of each and every company that hires workers to send a copy of the contract to the Public Employment Services. How is this information sent?

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How long should official documents be kept in Chile?

The documentation of a company can be very diverse and, often, we wonder how long it is necessary to keep it. In this article we will compile the most relevant time limits that companies must follow in the conservation of documentation.

However, this period can be interrupted by any action of the AET or the taxpayer himself, so it is necessary to review whether the statute of limitations has been interrupted. In addition, it is necessary to take into account other considerations and deadlines:

Companies assume all liabilities arising from their activity, which may be demanded in the future by third parties. Therefore, they will have an interest in keeping, during this period, the documents that support their actions.

The storage or technical access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a request, voluntary compliance by your Internet service provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved solely for this purpose cannot be used to identify you.

What does Article 60 of the Federal Labor Law say?

The workers and the employer may divide the working hours, in order to allow the former to rest on Saturday afternoon or any equivalent modality. Article 60. – Daytime is the working day between six o’clock and twenty o’clock. Night shift is that between twenty and six o’clock.

How long do employee pay slips have to be kept?

In the case of companies, they are obliged to keep for a minimum period of 5 years (4 years according to the Royal Decree on Infractions and Penalties) the payrolls of their employees and the contribution bulletins so that the appropriate verifications can be made.

What are the documents to be kept?

These include documents such as original birth and marriage certificates and title deeds. Ideally, these hard-to-replace documents should be stored in a safe deposit box or a fireproof, waterproof, and burglary-proof home safe.

Obligation to keep documents for 5 years

Business documents from the human resources department must be kept for a certain period of time to comply with labor legislation, as well as invoices and some of the information that must be kept by the accounting department. When it comes to improving the management of business documents in the labor department, it is important to know how long they need to be kept and to have a secure storage.

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In the event of a labor inspection in the human resources department, it is important to provide documents such as payroll, employment contracts, the labor register with the entries and exits of the workforce and much more. This is why it is so important to keep the HR department’s documentation.

How long should employment contracts and payrolls be kept? Below we highlight each of the main HR documents and how long this information should be kept, pay attention:

Once you know how long you have to keep each type of human resources document, you will have to establish a document retention policy to improve document management, opt for a simple classification and save the documents if possible in a document management system in digital format. This process brings your company closer to the digital transformation and optimizes the processes and resources allocated to it much better. Organizing work documents with Sesame is very simple, you have different folders with different documents and permissions and you can store them securely.

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