How much do consular officers make?

Consul’s salary

The United States is the favorite destination of Ecuadorian migrants and it is precisely in that country that more personnel are assigned to the foreign service. A total of 110 to be exact, which means to the State an expense of USD 583,102 in unified salaries plus additional income.By Redacción Plan VPBy: Leonardo Gómez Ponce and Santiago Mena Pasquel

The total allocated for unified remunerations in 2018 amounts to USD 6’456,711. Added to this are expenses for personal services by contract for USD 1’145,295. Adding items for payment of tenths, food, overtime, reserve funds, compensation for vacations not taken due to termination of functions, among other items, totals USD 10’706,370.

In consumer goods and services, there is an additional expense of USD 28,000 for personnel transportation. In addition to other items such as day care services for USD 115,774 and education for foreign service for USD 2’494,202.

The presence of migrants defines the number of personnel assigned by the foreign service to each country in which Ecuador has a consulate or embassy. With this parameter, the United States is the country with more contracted personnel.

How much can an ambassador earn?

According to these data, a Spanish diplomat receives an average salary of 51,500 € gross per year. This figure may vary and only takes into account bonuses for seniority in the civil service.

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How much does a consular officer earn?

The salary of an administrative assistant in any foreign country can reach 7,000 euros per month, below the 12,000 euros received by some consuls.

How much does a consul in Ecuador earn?

Ecuador has 44 embassies and five representatives in the United Nations system. The salary and benefits received by each ambassador are approximately USD 42,000 per year.

How much does an ambassador of Spain earn?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) issued a statement regarding the salaries received by members of the Foreign Service, indicating that they are in accordance with Law No. 6469 which approved the General Budget of the Nation 2020, enacted by the Executive Power in early January.

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How much do UN ambassadors earn?

Ambassadors earn more than the president: up to 330,000 pesos per month.

What do the ambassadors study?

What career should you study if you want to become a diplomat? Generally, these professionals have degrees in careers such as law, economics or international relations. In addition, many have postgraduate studies in various subjects such as law or international trade.

How is an ambassador chosen?

To become an ambassador, candidates must pass a competitive examination held annually by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The selection process consists of five exams that are eliminatory and each candidate must demonstrate that he/she has knowledge in the required subjects.

How much does a consul in the United States earn?

The appointment of the former Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Silva, as Ambassador to the United States, came at the most opportune moment. For months he had been in a frontal discussion with the CPLT, which demanded that he comply with the law and publish the real salaries of foreign service officials, which are underestimated by up to 500 percent. The refusal to break with the secrecy hides a heated struggle within the service itself, between the new officials and the older ones, where it is revealed that most of the better paid ones have no academic preparation or that they have given inaccurate information to overcome the inconvenience of image, as is the case of Silva himself.

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The appointment of the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Silva Navarro, as ambassador to the United States, put an end to a concern that was on the rise in international matters: the bad image that Chile was projecting by not having a name of weight that had sufficient competences and credentials to represent the country before the government of Donald Trump, at a time of high world expectation after the announcement of the trade war with China.

What is the salary of the ambassador of Panama?

Panamanian ambassadors earn their salaries in a very particular way. While their net salary is B/. 1,500, representation and per diem expenses can reach four or even five times that amount.

How much does a consul in the United States earn?

How much does a Vice Consul earn? The average national salary for a Vice Consul is $55,723 in the United States. Filter by location to see Vice Consul salaries in your area.

What does it take to be an ambassador of Ecuador?

The diplomatic career is similar to the military. The person who decides to do so must go through several ranks to reach the title of ambassador. The beginning of his or her professional career starts with training at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.

How much does a Mexican Consul earn?

In case of delay in the receipt of Letters Patent, the Heads of Mission and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship may request the provisional recognition of the consular officer, provided that the customs of the receiving state allow it.

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In case of total or partial loss of property of the consular office, due to accidents or other causes, the fact shall be verified and the respective record shall be drawn up with the assistance of two witnesses who shall sign it.

Article 22: The auxiliary employees referred to in paragraph e) of article 4 of these Regulations do not form part of the Consular Corps and, therefore, do not enjoy the rights and prerogatives inherent to the consular function.

However, as regards immunity from jurisdiction, consular employees, like consular officers, are governed by the provisions of article 43, paragraphs 1) and 2) of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.