How to obtain Brazilian nationality

Another simpler option is to acquire a property of 700 thousand reais (108.74 thousand euros or 129.22 thousand USD) in the north and northeast of Brazil or 1 million reais (155.34 thousand euros or 184.59 thousand USD) in the rest of the country.

Oh, and an important point for those who are not alone or those who will have children in the future, citizenship is granted to both the applicant and his or her current and future family, no matter how many children you have.

As for the paperwork, if you want you can buy the property remotely, our lawyer will then file all the paperwork without your presence being necessary. The initial formalities for investment and residency usually take about 5 to 6 months (our lawyer can usually reduce them to about 3 or 4 months).

How long can I stay in Brazil without a visa?

The maximum length of stay allowed by Brazilian immigration law is 90 days per semester, so if you exceed that number of days in a six-month period, you must leave Brazil and may return only after three months have passed.

Who issues the Brazilian passport?

The passport will be prepared at the Central Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, therefore, the delivery of the passport will no longer be immediate.

How to obtain CPF online for foreigners?

a) Copy of the civil registry of birth or other document that indicates the names of the parents; b) Fill out the registration form. It is not necessary to fill out the fields “título de eleitor” and “data de saída do país”.

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Most expensive passports in the world 2021

It is worth noting that both agreements are of individual and separate application, therefore, if procedures were initiated within the framework of the Mercosur Agreement, they may not be initiated in parallel within the framework of the bilateral agreement.

BEARING IN MIND the importance of maintaining the existing fraternal ties between the Parties, considered strategic and a priority to advance in the regional integration process, with feelings of friendship and mutual trust; and,

REITERATING the provisions set forth by the Presidents in the Joint Declaration of October 16, 2003, in the sense of strengthening the integration process with the adoption of concrete measures for nationals of both Parties, AGREE:

Art. 2º The nationals of a Party who are in an irregular situation in the territory of the other Party may request migratory regularization, provided that they present the documents mentioned in Article 3 of this Agreement. The nationals of a Party who have entered the territory of the other Party as illegal immigrants may only apply for the benefits of this Agreement after leaving the territory of the receiving country and re-enter regularly.

What is the most powerful passport in the world?

According to the Henley Passport Index 2022, Japan and Singapore have the most powerful passports in the world, with Spain in third place in the ranking! Japan and Singapore have the most powerful passports in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index 2022, prepared by the London-based consulting firm Henley & Partners.

How much does the passport and visa cost?

1 year passport (375 pesos) + minor visa (320 pesos) = $695 pesos. 3 year passport (735 pesos) + visa (3,600 pesos)= $4,335 pesos. 6 year passport (1,000 pesos) + visa (3,600 pesos)= $4,600 pesos. 10 year passport (1,755 pesos) + visa (3,600 pesos) = $5,355 pesos.

What is the name of the place where the passport is processed?

Passport processing must be carried out personally by each applicant at the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (State and Municipal Delegations and Liaison Offices with the SRE). Do not be fooled by people offering this service elsewhere!

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Renew Brazilian passport

To enter Brazil it is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry and with 2 blank pages. Certain countries require a Visa, consult this page to know their requirements according to your nationality.

The granting of the visa by this embassy is an expectation of right, so the entry and stay in the country are subject to the final decision of the Ministry of Justice, through its Division of Maritime, Airport and Border Police (DPMAF).

Tourist visas for all nationalities must be consulted at the consulate or at, and access the link consular service, “serviço consular / estrangeiro no Brasil / tabela de vistos”.

They must be formulated by note from the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations or Agencies, clearly stating the objectives, places and duration of the mission.

You will have to process your request before the Ministry of Labor and Employment in Brazil, once you have incorporated the company.  For information on how to process the investment and the installation of the company in Brazil, you should contact the Commercial Promotion Sector-SECOM of the Embassy of Brazil, e-mail [email protected]

How much is spent per day in Brazil?

Budget for travel in Brazil:

Flight: 650-750€ Internal transportation: 45€ per day per person. Food: 30€ per day and person. Activities: 25€ per day and person.

How long can I stay in Brazil as an Argentine tourist?


The maximum authorized period is 90 days, with multiple entries, which may be extended, in Brazil, by the Federal Police Department, for 90 more days, totaling 180 days per year (the year is counted from the first entry into Brazil).

Who can enter Spain from Brazil?

H) Any person, regardless of nationality, may travel with proof of vaccination issued by the competent authorities of Brazil or other countries.

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Benefits of the Brazilian passport

Many people arriving in Brazil think that they only have the option of requesting refuge. However, temporary residence can be requested if the person has at least one identity document with photo from his/her country of origin (identity card or passport), no matter if it is expired.

If you cannot afford to pay the fees, you must fill out and sign the form and submit it to the authorities. To access the document, click on the following link:

No. All the procedures made available by the embassy are managed by its own team, all of them are FREE and must be done directly by the interested party, on our website or in person.

Avoid hiring “agents” who offer you documents from the embassy, because in many cases these documents are not legitimate and you will end up having problems to carry out your procedures before the Brazilian authorities, besides losing your money.

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