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Speaking of mishaps, there is no better way to deal with them and avoid the costs they entail than to travel with insurance. Medical assistance, theft or loss of luggage and documents, flight delays and cancellations, missed connections or even a trip cancellation: protect your vacation from these incidents with travel insurance.

The visa is a document that is included in the passport pages and allows the entry, stay or temporary residence of the traveler in a country of which he/she is not a citizen or does not have the right to free transit. This implies that the Administration of the destination country has examined and considered our passport valid.

In many occasions the visa system works with reciprocity, this means that if you need a visa to go to a country, the citizens of this territory will also need it to enter yours.

However, European citizens entering or leaving the Schengen area to third countries will have to travel with a passport, and it is not necessary to do so when traveling within the borders of this area of free movement.


Foreigners who are experts, investors, business executives, highly skilled workers, international students, holders of diplomatic and official passports and their families may obtain exceptional authorization to travel to Vietnam, for which they must obtain a visa, have a negative RT-PCR certificate and maintain quarantines in hotels designated by these authorities, the costs of which shall be borne by the interested parties, for periods of a minimum of 21 days which may be extended, followed by another 7 days at their homes, and other pandemic prevention measures established by law.

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3. Have an invitation or sponsorship from an organization to work in Vietnam and have a Vietnam work permit (or confirmation of exemption from Vietnam work permit, where applicable).

It is advisable to have the official vaccination schedule up to date and other vaccinations may be recommended, the prescription of which should be made on a personalized basis at any of the authorized International Vaccination Centers.

Passport initials

The long-stay visa with a “talent-researcher passport” indication allows you to pursue a doctorate, conduct research or teach in France. It can be renewed in the form of a multi-year residence card.

The visa long séjour valant titre de séjour mention “passeport talent-chercheur” (long-stay visa equivalent to residence permit (VLS-TS) with indication “passport talent-researcher”) allows holders of a master’s degree to stay in France to carry out their research work or to teach at university level within the framework of a hosting agreement.

The hosting agreement is an administrative document defining the nature and duration of the work entrusted to the researcher or doctoral student. It also sets out the resources, accommodation conditions and health coverage for the beneficiary.

The host institution sends the hosting agreement to its beneficiary. The researcher or doctoral candidate must then have it endorsed by the consular authorities of his or her country of residence at the time of his or her visa application. This procedure is relevant if the researcher or doctoral student receives remuneration for carrying out research or teaching work, regardless of the nature of his or her employment contract: doctoral contract, Convention industrielle de formation pour la recherche (CIFRE – industrial agreement for training through research), etc.

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How to find out which country a passport number belongs to

In this way, and depending on the length of stay, it will be more appropriate an authorization to enter the country than another. You will be able to visit Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi and Phu Quoc Island for as long as you need.

To apply for this type of visa to Vietnam, you need to provide a scanned copy of your passport and a separate copy of the photograph. When you apply for the eVisa, you receive your authorization to enter this territory by e-mail. Therefore, it is the best option for shorter visits to the Southeast Asian nation.

Note that with both the eVisa and VoA to Vietnam, you do not need to enter on the date your visa to Vietnam is valid. Instead, you can visit the Asian nation at any time you wish, as long as it is between the initial and expiration date of your Vietnam visa. Please note, however, that it is important to leave the Southeast Asian nation before the expiration date of the authorization.

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