How much does the president of the USA earn?

President Alejandro Giammattei announced this Thursday, December 16, an increase of 4.75% to the minimum wage for agricultural activities, non-agricultural activities and for export and maquila activities.

In addition, he said that in order to make the data available to the citizens and academics, they enabled a section on the Ministry of Labor’s web page for anyone to consult the information submitted to the National Wage Commission.

We consider it important to implement methodologies that allow the differentiation of minimum wages by geographic area, productive sector and, above all, that maintain a relationship with productivity. This is the only way to generate more formal jobs in Guatemala,” said Germann Girón, president of the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations (Cacif).

Alejandro Ceballos, representative of the export sector, described the increase as adequate and correct and said he agreed with it, as he had previously stated, when he was asked if, as representative of exporters and maquila entrepreneurs, he would be in agreement with an increase of around 5%.

How much is a president’s salary?

The presidential salary is 452 million pesos per year, or 37.9 million pesos per month.

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What is the salary of the president of Argentina 2021?

Alberto Ángel Fernández is an Argentine lawyer, professor and politician, president of the Argentine Nation since December 10, 2019 and head of the Cabinet of Ministers between 2003 and 2008. La Voz Jan 2019: The salary of the head of state will now be 268,056 pesos without discounts.

How much does a minister earn per month?

In 2022, as we have learned thanks to the presentation of the Budget, Pedro Sánchez, 86,542.08 euros while his three vice presidents will have a salary of 81,341.16 euros and the ministers of 76,355.28 euros.

How much alberto fernández earns 2021

In the midst of the government’s promise of austerity in spending, the Federal Expenditure Budget Project (PPEF) contemplates for 2020 increases in the salaries of federal government officials, including that of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself.

Secretaries of State would go from a salary of 108,376 pesos to 111,785 pesos, that is to say, they would have an increase of 3.04%, while the salary of the undersecretaries would also increase by 3.04%, all this also without taking into account the amount of their benefits.

Federal legislators propose to maintain in 2020 the salaries they have had approved since 2018: 1 million 264,536 gross annual pesos in the case of deputies and 1 million 816,572 gross annual pesos in the case of senators.

However, in both cases they seek to increase the amount of their benefits. The deputies want them to amount to Ps. 292,624 pesos, an increase of Ps. 2,562 pesos, and the senators want them to amount to Ps. 432,343 pesos, an increase of Ps. 78,331 pesos.

What is the salary of a minister in Colombia?

Ministers earn 19.2 million per month and deputy ministers 15.9 million per month.

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How much does the Minister of Defense earn?

According to the newspaper El Tiempo, the official earns 18.2 million pesos, one of the highest salaries.

How much does a president earn in Argentina 2020?

The latest official data on the remuneration of the President of the Nation, in this case Fernandez, were updated by the Government last May: Fernandez received, in the month of January 2020, $ 340,839.95 and in February of that year he received a salary of $ 354,694.16.

How much does the president of Argentina earn?

Among other powers and responsibilities, Article 189 of the Constitution charges the president with directing international relations, being commander in chief of the Colombian Military Forces, and granting pardons for political crimes (Article 201), among other functions.

Along with the military forces, the president is also in charge of foreign relations through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the president is responsible for the protection of Colombians abroad and foreign citizens in Colombia. The president decides the appointment of ambassadors, reception of ambassadors from other countries, when new nations and new governments are to be recognized and negotiates treaties with other nations, which become effective in Colombia when approved by congress.[12]

The President has the power to propose a shortlist for the election of the Prosecutor,[14] to be chosen by the Supreme Court, three candidates for the Constitutional Court to be chosen by the Senate, and, at the head of the government, shortlists of candidates for the Superior Council of the Judiciary,[15] to be chosen by the full Congress. The government may also grant pardons for political crimes in accordance with the law.

What is the salary of the King of Spain?

The Royal Family has the following budgets: Felipe VI is paid €253,850 gross per year, the Queen €139,610, and Queen Sofia €114,240. Therefore, the King would receive more than 21,150 euros gross per month and the Queen more than 11,600 euros.

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What is the salary of a senator in Spain?

Identical constitutional allowance for all Senators: 3,050.66 euros per month.

How much does a general earn in Colombia 2020?

General: he earns $ 6′571.257. Colonel: his salary is $ 4′411.174. Lieutenant Colonel: he is paid $ 3′440.816.

Salary for President of Argentina 2020

This means that now a daily salary of 97.29 quetzales (approximately US$12.6) will be paid for non-agricultural activities; 94.44 quetzales (US$12.2) for agricultural work; and 88.91 quetzales (US$11.5) for the export and maquila sector.

Per month, the minimum wage will be approximately US$378 per month for non-agricultural activities; US$366.90 for agricultural work; and US$345.30 for the export and maquila sector. In addition, in all three cases there is a bonus or incentive of approximately US$32 per month.

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