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If you intend to travel to Azerbaijan in the near future, you will most likely need a visa, depending on your nationality. Then, fortunately, you’re in luck. The government of Azerbaijan finally introduced its electronic visa or eVisa system in January 2017, with the intention of greatly simplifying the process of applying for and receiving your visa to this landlocked Eurasian country.

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Instead, you just need to enter some basic personal and passport details online. All that remains is for you to receive your Azerbaijan visa by email. You will then need to print it out and show it to the check-in staff at the airport on your departure and when you arrive in Azerbaijan. You can apply for the eVisa from your computer, tablet or mobile device, and it will only take a few minutes.

On the other hand, the Azerbaijan visa on arrival (VoA) is applied for and obtained when you arrive in the Eurasian country, right at the border checkpoint. Inevitably, this means that you will spend quite a bit of time filling out forms by hand and waiting at the border control, to talk to immigration officials. Therefore, the eVisa is an easier, faster and less stressful way to get your visa for Azerbaijan, as opposed to the now obsolete VoA.

How much is azerbaijan visa fee? 2022

The price of the Azerbaijan visa in the embassies of that country will depend on the country you come from, however, this is not the best option to get the visa if it is a tourist visit for less than 30 days of stay, time that also corresponds to the validity in this particular case, and with a single entry.

Azerbaijan has joined a long list of countries that, in order to encourage tourism in their countries, implemented an online system to obtain visas for several Hispanic countries. That is, by simply having a computer with Internet and the relevant documents digitized, in addition to paying the fees, you can receive an electronic visa or e-Visa directly to your email.

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Once you have confirmed the validity of your passport, you will have to complete a form on our website, in which you will have to answer some personal questions. Finally, in order to process your visa application, you will need to make the corresponding payment.

How much is azerbaijan visa fee? en línea

It does not exceed one week, which is very different from the regular visa that takes several days or so. In reality it is usually about four business days before you find it in your email inbox. In addition, you can receive it in less time if you pay the required fee.

If you wish to receive extra details of this visa, you can chat or contact one of our agents at this link. Otherwise, if you prefer to get more answers about the e-Visa for Azerbaijan, you can click here.

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