How much money can you leave Vietnam with?

Vietnam visa requirements

It is important to have medical insurance for travel to Istanbul. A good travel insurance will back you up, not only in case you need hospital assistance, medicines or other health issues, but also for delayed delivery or lost luggage and other things that can always happen when traveling.

Our first choice for traveling to Istanbul was to do a home exchange. This way we not only saved all the cost of accommodation, but we could also enjoy our stay in Istanbul like a real local. If you don’t know what a home exchange is, I tell you about it here. We didn’t manage to find one available for the dates we were interested in, so we looked for a hotel.

Cabs are a bit more expensive for the tourist since many times they don’t want to put the meter on and you have to negotiate the price. We only used it on one occasion because we had no choice but it is not the transport I recommend. The trip from Taksim to Sultanahmet cost us 80TL.

How much does a plane ticket to Vietnam cost?

The cheapest flight to Vietnam from Mexico found in the last 72 hours is $12,597 (one way) and $24,717 (round trip). The most popular route is from Mexico City to Hanoi and the cheapest flight found for this route in the last 72 hours was $31,090.

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How to go to Vietnam from Spain?

From Spain the best alternative to get to Vietnam is by plane (there are no direct flights between the two countries). The country’s main airports are Ho Chi Minh City in the south and Hanoi in the north. Both receive numerous international flights and are the two gateways to the state.

What is the best season to travel to Vietnam?

The best time to travel to Vietnam and discover Saigon is from December to May, during the dry season. In the months of January, February and March rainfall is almost minimal. Regarding temperatures, they are quite stable (and high) throughout the year. So there is no ideal month to be cooler.

Requirements for traveling to vietnam from mexico

The cities have an incredible cultural heritage, and in this section I am going to give you a glimpse of the most characteristic ones. If you want to know more about them, you will have to click on each city.

As a curiosity I am going to tell you that when you land in Hanoi and go to cross the street for the first time, you are going to freak out a lot. If you do not believe it, I leave you a YouTube video to give you an idea:

Hue was the most important city in Vietnam for a while, as it was the capital of the Vietnamese Empire, and today it is still one of the most important cities in the country, and also one of the ones that attracts more tourism.

The north of Vietnam we could say that it is the most authentic part of the country, so to speak, in addition, it has a lot of different landscapes that can not be seen in many countries, as well as an unparalleled diversity.

Here the good weather is practically assured, but, in addition to these cities, there are hidden surprises, with the ancient Dong Son civilization and its bronze drums or the Champa that for a time dominated the center of Vietnam and the current Cambodia.

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How to get to Vietnam?

To get to Vietnam from anywhere in Europe, the best way is by plane, either north to the capital, Hanoi, and its international airport, or south to Ho Chi Minh City, where you will find the airport with more traffic and entry of tourists and visitors to the country.

What is needed to travel from Mexico to Vietnam?

Mexican nationals DO require a visa to travel to Viet Nam. Visa application requirements are available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam and/or on the website of the Embassy of Viet Nam in Mexico.

How many airports are there in Vietnam?

Throughout the geography of Vietnam there are eleven airports that host international and domestic flights. Although the most important are those of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

Budget vietnam

In the current context, Mexican citizens are advised to take the necessary preventive measures in case of international travel, as well as to have a medical insurance during their stay abroad.

If you are abroad and present symptoms of respiratory disease, contact the health authorities of the place where you are. If you need information or assistance, contact the appropriate Mexican Embassy or Consulate.

Mexico has not adopted restrictions for the entry and return of Mexican nationals from other countries by air. Personnel from the Ministry of Health are at the points of entry to the country to attend to persons presenting symptoms associated with the coronavirus and to take the corresponding measures.

How to get to Vietnam from Colombia?

To travel to this country all Colombian citizens must apply for a visa. However, as Vietnam does not have an embassy in Colombia, the only way to apply for a visa is online.

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Which countries border Vietnam?

The country borders China to the north, Laos to the northwest and Cambodia to the southwest, while to the east it has an extensive coastline bathed by the South China Sea. Its capital is Hanoi since the reunification of North and South Vietnam in 1976.

When are the monsoons in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the climate is subtropical in the north and tropical in the center-south, and is influenced by the monsoon regime: the southwest monsoon from May to October and the northeast monsoon from October to April.

Flights to vietnam from mexico

Click for more info and get a 5% discount. Anyway, Vietnam is a country whose prices will depend a lot on your bargaining skills. Even for basic necessities like buying a bottle of water will become a haggling job on your trip.

Each of them has a different cost, with the cheapest being the one-month ticket with an entrance fee. You will have to get it before you travel, so if you want to forget all the hassle of having to arrange it, I advise you to choose to apply for the visa for Vietnam through specialists.