What does the Bible say about the pastor’s salary?

The question posed produces the most varied reactions, due in part to the constant scandals of some unscrupulous who have made the gospel their means to live in an exorbitantly rich way, but to say that all pastors operate in this way would be both ignorant and malicious because the vast majority are people of good faith, who do their best to shepherd their parishioners receiving many of them moderate incomes (I know for sure).

As work we call the set of activities that are performed with the aim of achieving a goal, solve a problem or produce goods and services to meet the needs of themselves and others.    Work dignifies, work humanizes, work divinizes us because it makes us more like God.

Is pastoring a church work? My categorical answer is yes. This work entails hours of visiting prisons, hospitals, homes; praying for the souls entrusted to us; marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, personal counseling; family interventions; preparing sermons and preaching them; researching and exposing Bible studies; helping society (orphanages, soup kitchens, old people’s homes, talks); radio programs; community chaplaincies; construction of ecclesiastical buildings; procure the personal and spiritual growth of the parishioners; officiate ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, funerals; attend emergency calls at 3:00 a.m. and the list goes on. Anyway, if you think that being a pastor is not a real job (it is not my intention to convince you) I invite you to read three of my articles about it:

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Who is the richest evangelical pastor in the world?

Jesse Duplantis of Louisiana, USA, is known worldwide for being the richest evangelical pastor in the world, thanks to his net worth that amounts to 300 million dollars, about 259 million euros.

How much did the first pastor earn?

The first shepherd earns one hundred and twenty pounds and bread; the others, eighty and bread.

How much does a pastor of an evangelical church earn?

She is now a full-time pastor with a salary ranging from €1,200 to €1,800. “There are always things to attend to. All the churches have commendable social work.

How much does an evangelical pastor earn?

The apostle Paul writing in his first letter to the Corinthians in chapter 9 questions exactly that if they did not have the right to eat and drink on behalf of those who were spiritually blessed, he quotes the law of Moses, and that the priests ate of the sacrifices that were presented on the altar and he quotes once again that it was forbidden to muzzle the mouth of the ox that threshed and he asks who goes to war on his own account? why can’t the farmer be the first to eat of the fruit of the labor? and so on and so forth.

Of course, a pastor can do his pastoral work without depending on the church, he can have a secular job, he can work as a cab driver, as a store salesman, he can work as a doctor, as a lawyer and he can pastor, but he will feel lack of time to study the Bible, visit the sheep, attend the needy people, manage the life of the church and other demands that the pastoral work requires.

So the ideal is that the community that is blessed by the pastoral ministry through the Word of God should contribute to the support of those who dedicate themselves to blessing those people. I leave here Paul’s question to the Corinthians:

What is the richest church in the world?

– The Catholic archdiocese of the city of Cologne, in Germany, revealed that it has a fortune of US$ 3.82 billion, which makes it richer than the Vatican.

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How much does a cattle rancher earn in the United States?

Today, farmers are paid an average of USD 1700 per animal, but slaughterers get around USD 2500, widening the income gap to more than USD 800, although some argue that the difference in profits could be greater.

How much does a sheep herder in Spain earn?

Other figures charged monthly, according to the herders themselves, are: 17.9% earn between 500 and 750 €; 16.1% earn between 1,001 and 1,500 € per month. And finally, anecdotally, almost two out of every one hundred herders claim to earn more than 1,500 € per month.

Salary of a pastor in colombia

The New Testament terms bishop, elder, or pastor, refer to the same office within the church of Christ (Acts 20: 17, 28). The πρεσβύτερος (presbyteros/elders) and ἐπίσκοπος (episkopos), which have leadership functions within the body of Christ.

From this passage it should be clear that it was Christ, by the right He has by His perfect work and by having all authority in the heavens and on earth, who gave gifts to men. And some of these gifts were, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

Since the shepherds that Christ gives to His church are exemplary, we are called to imitate their faith (Hebrews 13: 7). But, not only this, but we are also called to care for them because of the work they do.

If this is the work of these men and Christ’s gift to the church, how can we despise their work? This is where many have problems. Many believers claim that pastors should have another job to support themselves and work in the ministry for free. Let us analyze several passages that refute such arguments.

What do pastors do with the tithe?

Evangelical pastors have no biblical basis for demanding tithing. However, in a sly and sibylline manner they take three or four verses from the Old Testament and rub it in the faces of their parishioners every Sunday and they achieve their crooked goal. … In your tithes and offerings”.

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What does the Bible say about the pastor’s salary?

In 1 Cor 9:13-14 Paul says: “Do you not know that those who work at holy things eat of the temple, and those who serve at the altar partake of the altar? So also the Lord commanded them that preach the gospel, that they should live of the gospel.” … Based on 1 Cor 9, it is not sinful for the pastor to receive a salary.

How much does a pastor earn in Chile?

For example, the monthly salary of a parish priest (214 parishes) is 280,000 Chilean pesos. Meanwhile, an auxiliary bishop earns every 30 days 435 thousand Chilean pesos.

How much does a pastor earn in peru

“In Puerto Rico right now the big problem is the number of people, especially young people, who have the desire to commit suicide. I carry the Word of God to change people, as it did with me,” said the singer.

He said there is a lack of tolerance in Puerto Rico and mentioned a quote from Mateos’ book. “Because of wickedness, love will grow cold. That’s how it’s happening. People are no longer dismayed when they see the needy or the dead or situations in the street. People are immunized to these things and it should not be.”

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