Child Marriage Widespread in Afghanistan

Washington, Aug 18 (EFE) – U.S. Defense Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said Wednesday that there was nothing to indicate the collapse of the Afghan army or government in 11 days in the face of the Taliban advance.

However, the general stressed that the U.S. had worked through several possible scenarios following its withdrawal from Afghanistan when drawing up its withdrawal plans, and that one such scenario was the current one.

In fact, Milley explained that US intelligence had warned of “several likely scenarios”: “One of them was a rapid rise of the Taliban following a rapid collapse of Afghan security forces and the government,” he said.

In that regard, Austin said his second concern is “maintaining security” at those facilities, and to that end, U.S. forces, in collaboration with allied forces, have established defense positions around the airport.

Milley pointed out that, although they have sent reinforcements to Afghanistan to ensure airport security and evacuations, “the situation is still very dangerous, very dynamic and very fluid”.

Thousands of Afghans try to escape on a plane

KABUL – The Taliban closed Kabul airport Saturday to most Afghans waiting to be evacuated and most NATO countries withdrew their troops after two decades in Afghanistan, ending a frenetic airlift that Western leaders acknowledged was still leaving many of their citizens and local allies behind.The United States, which says continued flights have evacuated more than 100. 000 people since the Taliban seized Kabul on Aug. 15, was holding the airlift ahead of a withdrawal deadline set by President Joe Biden for Tuesday.Taliban forces were occupying some positions inside the airport, ready to take control peacefully as U.S. forces departed, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said. The Pentagon emphasized Friday that the Taliban, who now control Afghanistan, were not in control of any operations at the airport.Outside the airport, the Taliban deployed more forces Saturday to prevent large crowds from gathering after a devastating suicide attack two days earlier.

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Council Implementing Decision 2014/701/CFSP of 8 October 2014 implementing Decision 2011/486/CFSP concerning restrictive measures against certain persons, groups, undertakings and entities in view of the situation in Afghanistan.

Having regard to Council Decision 2011/486/CFSP of 1 August 2011 concerning restrictive measures against certain persons, groups, undertakings and entities in view of the situation in Afghanistan (1), and in particular Articles 5 and 6(1) thereof,

(2) On February 11, March 18, May 16, July 30 and August 20, 2014, the United Nations Security Council Commission, established pursuant to paragraph 30 of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1988 (2011), updated and amended the list of individuals, groups, undertakings and entities subject to the restrictive measures.

Grounds for listing: Taliban commander since at least February 2010. Address: (a) Kamkai village, Achin district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan; (b) Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. Date of birth: (a) 1981; (b) 1982. Place of birth: Shadal (variant Shadaal) Bazaar, Achin district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. Other information: (a) Collects taxes and bribes on behalf of the Taliban. (b) Liaises with and provides information, mentoring, accommodation and weapons to Taliban forces operating in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, and has planted improvised explosive devices and directed attacks against International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan forces. Date of designation by the United Nations: 21.8.2014.

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In the current context, Mexican citizens are advised to take the necessary preventive measures in case of international travel, as well as to have medical insurance during their stay abroad.

If you are abroad and present symptoms of respiratory disease, contact the health authorities of the place where you are. If you need information or assistance, contact the appropriate Mexican Embassy or Consulate.

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Mexico has not adopted restrictions for the entry and return of Mexican nationals from other countries by air. Personnel from the Ministry of Health are at the points of entry to the country to attend to people who present symptoms associated with the coronavirus and take the corresponding measures.

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