The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

This area is in charge of strategic planning and programming of activities to be developed, which must be in line with the declared mission and assigned resources; it is also responsible for the implementation of management support mechanisms in pursuit of continuous improvement and management control, in order to generate timely and reliable information for decision making.

Propose and apply technical and economic regulatory frameworks, in accordance with the energy policy, for the hydrocarbon industry in Chile; monitor and analyze the oil and its derivatives, coal and gas sectors, in their exploration, production, transportation, distribution and consumption activities, carrying out the required technical and market behavior studies, with special attention to the relevant external markets; calculating import parity and reference prices for oil derivatives, in accordance with the provisions of the laws that created the Oil Price Stabilization Fund (FEPP) and the Fuel Price Variation Protection System (SIPCO); developing regulatory tasks associated with the gas network market (e.g., carrying out the profitability check of the gas network). (e.g., carrying out the profitability check of the distributors and the calculation of regulated prices stipulated by law).

Law 50/1997

Indeed, all the constitutional powers and bodies have been the object of laws which, subsequent to the Constitution, establish the guidelines for their organization, competence and rules of operation in the light of the apex rule of our democratic order.

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The 1978 Constitution establishes the basic principles and criteria that should govern the legal regime of the Government, and Article 97 is the key precept in determining its constitutional position.

At the same time, Article 98 contains a mandate addressed to the legislator to proceed with the corresponding normative development of the aforementioned constitutional body with regard to the determination of its members and their status and incompatibilities.

On the other hand, the Government cannot be deprived of its own characteristics of constitutional origin except through a reform of the Constitution (“institutional guarantee”). However, the legislative power can and must operate autonomously as long as it does not infringe constitutional principles or norms.

Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

In order to ensure the integration and normal functioning of said Commissions, each Electoral Board shall appoint three regular members and three regular alternates who shall replace, according to the order of their appointment, any of the regular members who are absent.

Irregularities committed in the course of the act of adhesion or during the scrutiny, attributable to negligence, omission or ignorance of the electoral laws, without prejudice to the penalties established for the cases of electoral crime, shall cause written communication in each case, by the Electoral Court, to the corresponding unit, in order to be added to the personal file of the official, and to be taken into account as a demerit in the formation of the score for promotion.

In the RURAL circuits, during the entire timetable, including the hour of extension, those who appear and do not belong to the circuit may adhere, as long as their civic registration corresponds to a rural district of the department and they exhibit their civic credential.

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The term of office of the members of the committee

3. The Secretaries, assisted by the Counselors present at the meeting, shall take note of the course and result of the voting, and shall draw up the corresponding minutes, which shall be signed by all the members of the Presiding Board.

For the election of the President, only one name shall be written on each ballot paper, and the one who receives the favorable vote of the absolute majority of the members of the House accredited to date before the same shall be elected.

In his first speech before the Plenary of the House, the Speaker may use Spanish and the other languages that have the status of official languages in an Autonomous Community, in accordance with the Constitution and the corresponding Statute of Autonomy. In this case, the content of such speech shall be identical in the different languages.

b) To take the oath or promise of compliance referred to in the previous article, either in the act of the definitive constitution, or in the event of illness or physical impossibility, in a subsequent session or by means of a reliable document within three months following the presentation of their credentials. The aforementioned document shall be reported to the Plenary.

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