Is D-Box annoying?

Android TV analysis, review in English

A: The Tv Box T96Z Plus comes with a much faster processor (8core), more information processing memory (RAM) and higher storage capacity (ROM). It also comes with two built-in Wi Fi modules for more efficient connectivity, a Bluetooth 2.0 module for greater freedom of connectivity devices (headphones, speakers, joystick), additionally comes equipped with a 3D graphics processor that offers a superior online gaming experience and movies with greater clarity.

A: Yes, you just have to download all your movies or series in a micro SD memory, pendrive or portable hard drive, and then play your content in the place or time you want, without the need for internet connection.

This is the Samsung assistant

Again and again the message appears that numerous applications fail. The reasons can not be more different and that is why it is the responsibility of the application developer to avoid failures for many problems. In the case of D-BOX HEMC problems, the team of developers D-BOX Technologies ensures that the application does not always disappear or restart on its own.

Do you know of other solutions if D-BOX HEMC keeps crashing? Then you can help others or report the problems yourself. Although you can contact D-BOX Technologies support, support does not always respond in English or promptly.

How to remove permanent notifications in Android 8.0

For tastes there are flavors, and in the world of TV Boxes there are thousands of alternatives, so today we are going to talk in particular about one that has reached our hands. This is the Mini M8S TV Box, an Android device of Chinese origin and mid-range which has a comfortable price of only $ 39.24 dollars, which gives any TV or monitor the ability to work as an Android device (Tablet type) to play multimedia content, run Apps, browse and play video games.

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On the back side we have a second USB 2.0 port, an RJ45 port in case you want to connect the TV Box to an Ethernet network instead of a WiFi network, an HDMI video output, an SPDIF port to connect digital sound equipment, for those who have a home theater system or digital sound equipment and finally we have the port to connect the power adapter.

This gadget does not have a physical button to turn it on, so you must use the infrared remote control to turn it on or off. In case you lose the remote control, the alternative way to turn it on is to unplug it and connect it to the power supply.


The truth is that devices like Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV fulfill the same function as Android TV Boxes but they are not. However, we can consider the two devices as one more in this category, only their case is somewhat different. Instead of having a box format, they go for a stick, which connects directly to the TV. Amazon’s Fire TV a version of Android that the company has modified.The functions or applications they provide are identical in many cases. They are intended to provide access to streaming applications or news or games to the TV, since that TV is not a Smart TV. In this sense they work in a similar way, although in Chromecast we need to use an Android smartphone, to control the app or send content to the TV. It is a function that we do not have in other Android TV Box, for example. Nor in the Amazon Fire TV we need a smartphone to work and play content on the TV.not all functions are the same in these cases, as it partly depends on each manufacturer. There are some that can provide certain functions to their devices. On the other hand, a notable difference is the storage capacity. It is usually larger in an Android TV Box than in a stick device, and there is none in a Chromecast. Also the formats they play can vary.

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