Is IRC a good company to work for?

Work for undocumented Venezuelans

Good lighting in the workplace is not only very important from a biological point of view: it is also a business obligation. This is how to illuminate an office for teleworking.

Perhaps due to the rapidity of the first wave of the coronavirus, many teleworkers got used to ‘guerrilla’ offices. A random chair, working from the couch, resting the computer on any smooth surface in the house, and little else. Many did not even consider the importance of lighting the office for teleworking. It is.

When choosing workplace lighting, it is important to understand some of the basic characteristics of lighting systems. Thus, the guide ‘Lighting in the workplace’ (2015), of the then Ministry of Employment and Social Security, advises to put special interest in the following elements:

A very common mistake is to place the computer against the light, as seen in the image, or against the sun. This tends to cause eye discomfort and dizziness by forcing the worker to squint to regulate the excess light, and at the same time forcing him to increase the brightness of the screen to see something. The optimum? Work at about 90° to the natural light source.

Employment for Venezuelans in Colombia

Since its beginnings, the ICR orients and trains men and women from our city and neighboring towns, committed to the personal and professional growth of our students and alumni, offering different educational alternatives in all areas.

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That the student achieves, through the different courses, an optimization in the development of their activities, a fundamental tool in the path of labor insertion. That our work has a decisive influence on the growth of organizations and the community.

Teaching staff with communication skills, vocation and permanent interest in updating their knowledge and materials. We have branches in different areas of the city, in order to offer convenience and greater time variety to our courses.

Adriana Ettolitre” Excellent Institute, very good treatment from everyone, and very complete in terms of the knowledge they transmit. Prof. Cintia and Prof. Mirta, the best!!!, Fantastic as teachers and with great human quality. “

Job fair for Venezuelans in Bogotá 2021.

To order the registration of the aforementioned Collective Bargaining Agreement in the corresponding Register of Collective Bargaining Agreements and Collective Labor Agreements with operation through electronic means of this Management Center, with notification to the Negotiating Committee.

This Agreement regulates the labor relations of the work centers of the company Gestaser Obras y Servicios S.L., and all the workers assigned to them, regardless of the geographical location where they actually perform their professional activity.

This Agreement shall apply to the company “Gestaser Obras y Servicios S.L.”, and its workers, regardless of the type of contract, jointly engaged in providing external services that are contemplated or may be contemplated in its corporate purpose, as well as the entity’s own structural services.

– The collection, conditioning and transportation of all types of waste to the treatment plants, including manual segregation operations, equipment handling, classification and recovery.

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Employment agency for Venezuelans

Today, organizations are turning to creative and fun ways to support effective communication in the workplace. Whether it’s team communication tools or video presentations, the process has become more streamlined and open than ever. That said, when it comes to getting the job done, many organizations still prefer vertical communication. It’s a linear way to share information, assign work or update employees on any changes. This is a formal way of interacting in the workplace and can be downward or upward. We dedicate this post to analyze what vertical communication is, types, objectives, advantages and disadvantages and techniques to perform vertical communication.

As the name suggests, vertical communication follows a linear system in which information flows from one person to another based on their titles. This type of communication is mainly reserved for sensitive information or if an organization follows a hierarchical structure.

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