An entity that advises the governor on matters related to the government program, regional development and its strategies.                                   Putre, September 30, 2014 – The Technical Advisory Council (CTA) of the Province of Parinacota carried out an intense day of work during the third plenary session convened by Governor Roberto Lau Suárez.

On the occasion, the head of the Social Department, Denissa Donaire, on behalf of the Seremi of Social Development, Julio Verdejo Aqueveque, gave an account of the intersectoral coordination actions and the activities to be developed in the province by the different services and agencies that make up the Social Subcommittee, led by the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Social Development.

Denissa Donaire emphasized that the emphasis will be placed on territorial actions with the community in the areas of Education, Health, Social, Housing and Labor, which were valued by Governor Lau.

Calendar and Call Subcommittee 07-11-19

In developing countries there are more fatal accidents than in industrialized countries, which increases the need for health and safety training programs focused on prevention.

The Faculty of Nursing of the Autonomous University of Yucatan, as a socially responsible educational institution is concerned and concerned about the safety and health of academic, administrative and manual plant, as well as the students who are in it.

Mexican Official Standard NOM-019- STPS-2011, Constitution, integration, organization and operation of health and safety commissions, published on April 13, 2011 by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in the Official Journal of the Federation and entered into force on July 13, 2011.

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Summary of the 1st meeting of the subcommittee to be established

The Subsidiary Bodies are permanent bodies of ECLAC that “allow the adoption of regional positions and generate mandates to the Secretariat of the Commission”. One of the Subsidiary Bodies is the ECLAC Committee of the Whole, which “allows the governments of ECLAC member countries to discuss relevant issues between sessions of the Commission”. The Regional Conferences allow for follow-up and review, at the regional level, of national activities, platforms and programs, in compliance with agreements and plans on issues proposed by ECLAC member States.

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External Diagnostic Subcommittee 08-11-19

34. Urges the European Union to take a firm stand for the respect of the democracy and human rights clause in its agreements with India and Pakistan, to maintain an intensive political dialogue with the two countries on human rights, including Kashmir, and to explore the possibility of

of a number of projects and groups of projects (each committee took about 170 decisions) whose implementation required specific discussion with the responsible authorities and which had been chosen jointly by the heads of the Ministry of Finance and the Commission.

18. Supports the development of action plans with all countries covered by the Neighbourhood Policy and insists that the development of human rights, democracy and the rule of law be considered as a key priority in all national action plans; in this respect, stresses the need for

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regular follow-up at all political levels; calls on the Council and the Commission to fully involve the Parliament in this evaluation process and is therefore of the opinion that the Parliament should be represented in these sub-committees.

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