Japan Family Visa

Too often I see some people confused about this pass, thinking of buying it for a week or more, when it does not pay off at all. I am going to give you some indications that I hope will be useful

The exact prices vary depending on the exchange rate of the yen in your country. Right now a 7-day JR Pass costs about 27,800 yen (more or less). The price will vary around that amount. I do not put how much it costs in euros, dollars or any other currency because it depends on the exchange rate of the dollar.

What you receive is a receipt. This voucher can be exchanged in different offices (which are indicated in the documentation you receive) by presenting the voucher and your passport. The actual pass has a start date that we can indicate (not necessarily the same date on which we exchange it). The duration of the pass is for consecutive calendar days, regardless of whether we use it or not. The ideal would be to activate it the first day we need it, and group the long trips in the duration of the pass.

Investor Visa Japan

Since March 2018, only the e-visa allows single or multiple entries to the Sultanate of Oman. The classic visa is no longer issued at the Omani Embassy or upon arrival in the country. This is not an on-site Omani visa application, but a genuine e-visa issued by the Royal Oman Police, which will be delivered to you online and must be presented upon boarding and upon arrival in the Sultanate of Oman.

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Since March 21, 2018, only the e-visa allows entry into the Sultanate of Oman for tourist purposes. The “classic” visa is no longer issued by embassies, and this is to reduce waiting times at representations and airports.

This site has been created to assist individuals and companies in completing travel authorization applications required for stays in the Sultanate of Oman. The fee for this service includes expert help and assistance. This site is not affiliated with the government of Oman. You can also submit an application to the government of Oman here, without our professional service.

Japan Permanent Visa 2021

As of November 29, 2021, the Government of Japan decided to suspend the review of restrictions on new entry of foreigners and restrictions on activities after entry to Japan for persons with valid vaccination certificates based on “New Border Security Measures (19)” . From November 30 and for a certain period of time, new entry into Japan will be denied based on this measure.

In order to secure entry into Japan, receiving companies/organizations must first pass an assessment by the Ministry and the Agency having jurisdiction over the business in question and must be responsible for the supervision of their conduct.

The visa application is made by the applicant himself/herself at the overseas Japanese establishments with jurisdiction over the area where the applicant resides or those with jurisdiction over the country/region from which the applicant’s passport originates. Please note that there are some countries/regions where visa applications must be submitted through travel agencies accredited by Japanese establishments abroad.

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Japan Visa

All Argentine visitors wishing to enter Japanese territory must have a valid passport. In principle, there is no limit to the validity period, but a minimum validity of six months is suggested.

It is recommended to travel with your passport, ID card and a photocopy of both and keep them in a safe place. It is important to carry your passport and DNI in separate places, in order to avoid losing all documents. It is also suggested to leave a copy of both documents with your next of kin in Argentina.

Prior to entering Japanese territory, the customs authority may require the traveler to make a verbal declaration of his personal effects. However, a formal affidavit will be required in the following cases:

However, it should be noted that the benefit of exemption from payment of customs duties on personal effects is limited and will depend on the quantity and/or in some cases, the discretion of the customs broker. The most illustrative examples are the following:

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