Diplomatic Passport

Mexican passports are dark green in color, with the Mexican Coat of Arms in the center of the cover and the official name of the country “United Mexican States” around the coat of arms. The word “Passport” is inscribed below the shield and “Mexico” (as the country is known) above. The Mexican passport contains many security features, some of them visible only under a black light.

The biographical information page ends with the Machine Readable Zone. In addition, each page of the visa has a different coat of arms (32 in all, one for each of the 31 states plus that of the country’s capital, Mexico City).

The passports contain a note from the issuing state that is addressed to the authorities of all other states, identifying the bearer as a citizen of that state and requesting that he/she be allowed passage and treated according to international standards. The note inside Mexican passports reads:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States requests the competent authorities to allow the holder of this passport of Mexican nationality free passage without delay or hindrance and, given the case, to grant him all possible assistance and protection.”

What is the most powerful passport in the world?

According to the Henley Passport Index 2022, Japan and Singapore have the most powerful passports in the world and Spain ranks third! Japan and Singapore have the most powerful passports in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index 2022, prepared by the London-based consulting firm Henley & Partners.

What is the difference between a passport and a visa?

Remember: with the PASSPORT you leave your country and with the VISA you enter a country you are visiting.

What is the regular passport type?

Ordinary passport (green) – Issued to all citizens wishing to make ordinary, business or vacation trips. Official passport (gray) – Issued to legislators and directors of areas of the different orders of government representing Mexico on official trips.

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What is an official passport

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What are the types of passports?

There are three types of passports: ordinary, official and diplomatic. Only ordinary passports are processed at the Consular Section, whether they are high security passports (currently issued in G Prima passbooks) or emergency passports (in E type passbooks).

What is the most powerful passport in Latin America?

Chile has the most powerful passport in Latin America, according to the most recent index of the consulting firm Henley & Partners. According to the index, Chile’s passport allows free access to 174 countries. Globally, the southern neighbor shares 16th place with Monaco and Romania.

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How much does the passport and visa cost?

1 year passport (375 pesos) + minor visa (320 pesos) = $695 pesos. 3 year passport (735 pesos) + visa (3,600 pesos)= $4,335 pesos. 6 year passport (1,000 pesos) + visa (3,600 pesos)= $4,600 pesos. 10 year passport (1,755 pesos) + visa (3,600 pesos) = $5,355 pesos.

Passport type p

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How much does it cost to obtain the 2021 visa and passport?

This is how much your passport will cost

Thus, the new cost of the Mexican passport has been adjusted as follows: Passport valid for 3 years: $1,470 pesos. Passport valid for 6 years: $2,000 pesos. Passport valid for 10 years: $3,505 pesos.

Which comes first, the passport or the visa?

Application for and issuance of a Mexican passport, which is an identity, nationality and travel document issued by the Mexican Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and its network of Embassies and Consulates abroad.

What is the difference between the regular and executive passport?

Types of passports

Ordinary, this is the document normally issued to citizens, valid for 10 years. Executive, as in the previous case, it differs only in the number of pages. It can be requested by any citizen. It is valid for 10 years.

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How the passport works

A travel visa is an authorization that allows a traveler to visit a certain country, usually in the form of a sticker document affixed to a page of the passport or a stamp also placed on one of the passport pages.

In cases where your destination country does not have a consulate or embassy in your home country, you must obtain a travel visa from the embassy of another country that is authorized to issue visas for the country you will be visiting.

Singapore and Japan passports are considered the most robust in 2019, offering their holders visa-free access to 189 countries around the world. Passport holders from Germany, South Korea and Finland can visit 187 countries without a visa.The United Kingdom passport and the United States passport have visa-free access to 183 countries.On the other hand, Afghanistan has the weakest passport in 2019, with only 25 countries granting them visa-free entry.

People may have difficulty understanding the difference between a passport and a visa, especially when they are holders of very powerful passports, with which they can visit most countries in the world without the need to obtain a visa first, they still have a big difference.  While the government of a particular country issues visas to foreigners wishing to visit that country, passports are issued to citizens of their own country and allow them to visit other countries.

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