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Many of these errors are administrative. For example, someone can be named Joseph and register as Joe, but some are more worrisome. Especially when registering to vote Mickey Mouse (that’s not a joke either). That is what has happened in some cases with new voters registered by Acorn, an organization that helps middle and low income communities, and that among its activities is to enhance the electoral presence of that segment of the population, which is more underrepresented politically because it does not vote.


During the month of December, David Rytzarev, a student from OhioUniverstiy (OU, United States) visited our School. The visit took place within the framework of the exchange agreement to be signed by both institutions.

During his stay in Bahía Blanca he was hosted by Franco Dotti and Mariano Tonini, Mechanical Engineering students of the School, as well as by the family of Eng. Ernesto Castagnet. In this way, David was able to visit not only companies and institutions of our city and the area, but also to enjoy Sierra de la Ventana and the beaches of Monte Hermoso…

What else… Argentina is not as multicultural as the United States, here people are “much more Argentine”. I have not seen big cultural differences, but the culture here is very strong. For example, people don’t eat very spicy food. They eat a lot of meat, and the meat here is excellent! The fruits and vegetables are not so showy, they don’t look so nice on the surface, I guess it’s because of the less use of chemicals in the cultivation. In the United States when you go to the supermarkets, they look beautiful, perfect.

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It is difficult because of the economic situation in which the country lives and that also affects the selection. For example, in Brazil they are not only retaining their players, but they are bringing back those who left. In Argentina that is not happening and in the end it will take its toll on us. Speaking of sporting aspects, Argentina has very good players, although they have to build a team. They have never put together a team, they have only put together the stars.

As a footballer I don’t think he is that far away, but as a symbol, Messi will never be like Maradona. The revenge Diego took on the English is unmatched, he got into people’s hearts for that game against England. Messi can win a World Cup, but what Maradona did… In the middle of a war conflict, he scored a goal with his hand and another one after dribbling the whole team. Unbelievable.

#19I do like to watch Argentine league games because of two things, the fans and the quality of the players. Then, of course, they lack rhythm and so on. But every league has its mystique and its flaws…. You are right. In color and fans there is no league that surpasses Argentina.

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In the end, however, it is irrelevant how much Latino support Obama has in such Republican states as Arizona and Texas; those states will go to Romney. Just as irrelevant is whether Romney tries to win over Latinos in California and New York, both of which are clearly Obama’s states.

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What needs to be focused on is how both Obama and Romney do in toss-up states, namely three with large Hispanic populations: Nevada, Colorado and, of course, Florida. Latinos make up 26.5% of the population in Nevada, 20.7% in Colorado and 22.5% in Florida.

A Miami Herald/Florida International University poll indicates that Obama leads Romney by only 7 points among Latinos: 51% to 44%. But in a recent Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald poll, Romney leads Obama by two points: 46% to 44%. And the most recent polls show Romney gaining support compared to previous polls.

Romney’s criticisms of Obama have merit: worse than broken promises are broken families, and Obama has divided hundreds of thousands of families by deporting their parents and leaving their U.S.-born children at the mercy of the welfare system. This administration has deported more than 1.5 million people, a record number in one presidential term.

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