The amazing Northern Pakistan. The amazing Northern Pakistan

The spread of the coronavirus worldwide is affecting travel. Keep abreast of what is scientifically known about this outbreak>>Travel & AdventuresPakistan’s wildest and most beautiful placesTravel from the Arabian Sea to the ivory-colored peaks of the Himalayas. By Gulnaz KhanPublished 6 Apr 2018 13:14 CESTDeosai National Park Photograph by Nadeem Khawar, Getty ImagesFrom the dizzying peaks of the Karakoram range to the fertile Indus River plain, Pakistan is home to a diversity of breathtaking landscapes. While its rich cultural heritage, ancient Silk Road and Mohenjo-Daro ruins continue to fascinate travelers, venture further afield and you’ll discover a wilder, lesser-known Pakistan.

The Makran Coast Highway is a scenic route along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast. The route starts in Karachi and runs through Gwadar to the Iranian border, and is considered a major infrastructural achievement. The unique lunar rock formations line a portion of the highway known as the Buzi Pass in Hingol National Park. Natural rock sculptures, such as the sphinx-like “Lion of Balochistan,” can be seen along the highway.

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When we talk about Pakistan we talk about a country that is a real wonder and that always pleases all tourists and travelers who know it, especially because it is one of the great jewels that Asia has, besides being a beautiful country by nature, something that is well worth discovering when possible, because at this time the situation does not make it possible for a traveler to set foot in certain places without clear danger of encountering an attack.

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These attacks are very frequent and for months Pakistan has been suffering a series of constant attacks, something that is not very easy to carry by citizens, who are very concerned about all the events that continue to occur in their country, especially because in many cases the danger of going out into the street is total and in large markets, mosques and other crowded places, are the ideal places where they tend to commit such heinous attacks.

There is no doubt that it is a wonder to discover each of the charms of Pakistan, much more the natural charms of this beautiful country and that tends to like a lot to all tourists. Some travelers tend to cross the border and visit Pakistan, especially certain areas that can be considered more or less safe. The natural areas of this country are certainly beautiful and very much worth paying the necessary attention, thanks to the fact that in this country nature is wonderful without a doubt.

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Their fascinating beauty will drive you crazy. The pleasant cold climate in northern Pakistan is an unparalleled gift of nature. People usually visit the northern areas in summer. This Inland Fairy Sea is one of the most beautiful creations of God. Millions of local and international tourists visit this place. Saif-ul-Malook Lake is one of the most famous tourist places in the country.

Saif ul Malook, the fairy pond, is known for its magnificence. It has attracted many tourists from different parts of the world to come and praise this beautiful work of art of Almighty Allah. Lake Saif ul Malook is one of those immense beauties that need no introduction. A place of fairies dancing in the lake and a region of divine love. It is a place that, if you visit it once, will drive you crazy with its captivating beauty.

Storytellers say that the depth of the lake has never been known. But research shows that the depth of Saif ul Malook has a maximum of around 113 feet. Lake Saif-Ul-Malook covers an area of 2.75 km. The water temperature of the lake is kept below 10 degrees as it mainly receives glacial water. People can enjoy boating on Saif ul Malook Lake. However, as the depth of the lake is unknown, you run the risk of enjoying boating.

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