Is there quarantine for domestic flights?

Is it possible to travel from Colombia to Spain TODAY? Air

Affidavit from the website (information about the affidavit here): All travelers, of any age, must complete the form “Travelers Affidavit” electronically and up to 48 hours before boarding. In this form you must attach the result of the PCR mentioned in the previous point.

3) To reach this place, you are allowed to make domestic flight connections, even if you have not yet received the negative result of the coronavirus test performed at entry. In case the test is done with antigens you must wait at the point of entry until you get the test result.

All cohabitants who are in the domicile declared for quarantine must also undergo the same quarantine, i.e. no one may enter or leave the domicile during this period, even if they are vaccinated.

All persons entering the country must complete a 7-day self-reporting of symptoms form, where they must complete a health status and location survey. In the event of leaving the country before the 7-day period has expired, the self-report form must be completed until the end of the period mentioned above.

Domestic flights will be suspended during the quarantine period

Detailed recommendations on vaccination will be issued in the coming days. The computer systems provided by the Swiss Confederation for registration, documentation and control will be operational on November 4.

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The cantons are responsible for carrying out the booster vaccination. They decide when and how people can register for their booster vaccination, and prepare to start the booster vaccination process from mid-November.

El Dorado airport is in this condition after a few hours of closure

Below, you will find a series of recommendations for travel from Colombia to other countries, taking into account the biosecurity protocols and restrictions that each of these regions manage in the face of the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection unified, through Resolution 777 of June 2, 2021, the biosecurity protocols for the management and control of the risk of Coronavirus in national and foreign travelers. Among the guidelines of this Resolution, there are two requirements that are going to be eliminated, both for Colombians returning to the country, as well as for foreign citizens traveling to our territory:

El Dorado International Airport has 57 air routes available: 32 domestic and 15 international. To travel on any of these routes, it is important to follow the following recommendations:

– Download the Check – Mig application, through which Migración Colombia offers travelers the pre-registration service, before making the process of emigration or immigration to Colombia.

Mexico, example to the world in control of COVID-19

If your flight has been cancelled you can request a voucher or other alternatives for exchange or refund by clicking here or contact us through our regular customer service phone numbers. Please note that, due to the current circumstances, our call center may experience delays both in answering your call and in handling your refund.

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Passengers arriving to the Canary Islands from the rest of the national territory must undergo a diagnostic test for active infection (PDIA) for SARS-COV-2 with a negative result. PCR tests performed 72 hours prior to arrival in the Canary Islands or rapid antigen detection tests performed within 48 hours prior to arrival in the Canary Islands are admissible.

All persons arriving in the UK must complete a Passenger Tracing Form within 48 hours prior to arrival. You must declare all countries you have visited in the 10 days prior to arrival.