Is travel to South Korea allowed?

Top 15 things NOT to do in South Korea

If you are looking forward to travel to Asia despite the coronavirus, keep reading because at IATI we give you all the updated information. Find out if you can travel to Asia now in 2022. Do you have plans for later? Feel free to come back here, as we are constantly updating this article.

Does this mean you can’t travel to Asia in 2022?  No, as there are some countries that have been open for tourism for months already and others that have announced that they will be open for tourism throughout early 2022. However, it is necessary to analyze the situation country by country and see what changes have been brought about by the emergence of the omicron variant.

Traveling with travel insurance is now, due to the coronavirus, more important than ever, but with or without the virus, your international policy is essential to enjoy a trip with the best guarantees. Thanks to it you will have coverage such as:

If you are eager to visit the temples of Angkor, you don’t have to wait any longer because from November 15, 2021 it is possible to travel to Cambodia again. Even so, you must take into account certain requirements that we tell you in detail in Documents and requirements to travel to Cambodia.

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Traveling to North Korea is not impossible, but it is not so easy either, as it has certain regulations for tourists who are interested in visiting this country. Therefore, visits by foreigners are highly supervised and controlled by the authorities.

North Korea is characterized by a strict political regime and for this reason some curious travelers seek to visit it to see with their own eyes what the people live and know what is interesting about their culture, but it is not so easy.

– Whenever you want to take a picture you should always ask the guide if it is possible, as there are certain things that can not be photographed such as military personnel or people in situations that threaten their morals.

How to travel with your pet

In this article you will learn our opinions about South Korea, why to travel to this country as soon as possible, and you will get complete information about its way of life, its currency, travel tips, its rich gastronomy and all our experience to make your trip a great adventure.

Don’t forget to travel safe, any accident could spoil your trip. We always recommend to take out travel insurance, and if you do it from this link you get a 5% discount. Also if you have any questions about insurance, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

When organizing a trip to South Korea, one of the first doubts that assail us is what we can see in this country, as we told you when we talked about our route through Korea, is a destination with many options.

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Those of you who are regular readers, know that we do not usually give budgets of our trips, as we think that each person has a way of traveling, and prices may vary from one to another, but we are going to give you some references so that you can better assess the budget of a trip to Korea on your own.

What food can I bring on the plane? With what food?

Traveling to Korea on your own is very easy. Transportation between cities works perfectly and you can find out the timetables in advance before you start your trip. You can even buy your own fast train tickets (KTX).

Our trip to South Korea coincided with the worst season: winter. The average temperature in December and January is between 5 and -5C. The truth is that we had to wrap up warm, although beyond the cold, we had good weather: it only drizzled for a few hours and the sun shone during most of the trip.

There are no mandatory vaccinations for travel to South Korea. At a minimum, vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever and Tetanus are recommended. You can read more about the best travel insurance to South Korea at this link.

With three more days, you can extend your trip to Busan (one hour from Gyeongju). If you have at least 15 days, in addition to Busan, it may be worthwhile to visit the volcanic Jeju Island.

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