Should HR report to CEO?

Job Analysis: General Manager

In the current economic recession, companies are constantly and avidly looking for new strategies to remain competitive – from downsizing to radical restructuring. But they often come up against a major obstacle. Most companies simply do not know how to prepare their employees to handle this new situation of change.

In a study conducted by Right Management in 2009, only 25% of those surveyed agreed that their employees responded effectively to change. Thirty-one percent said that their employees did not adapt to change, putting productivity and commitment at serious risk, and 44% said that their employees responded to change, but with very low morale. The lack of planning and preparation for change has unfortunate results, even undermining the objectives of the change initiative.

The strategy for effective changeSuccessfully implementing a strategic change management plan requires integrated planning in the processes before, during and after the change. If the preparation prior to the change is crucial, the change implementation and follow-up actions are also very important.

Types of communication in human resources

It is well known that employees are more loyal to a company if it clearly communicates its objectives and organization. For this, it is necessary to have good internal communication tools and clear and regular messages.

Sharing with employees a monthly publication of the month’s figures is a good idea. In this way, they are informed of new developments and changes that have taken place and those that are coming up. It is also an opportunity to inform employees, to motivate them further if targets are not met or to congratulate them if good results have been achieved.

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The simple act of thanking and congratulating the teams for the work done restores morale and confidence. For a team’s motivation also depends on how management shows its appreciation. Everyone who has contributed to the good results or success of a project deserves to be thanked.

The entire management team invites you to share a moment of conviviality over breakfast. It will be an opportunity to thank you all for your work and to congratulate you. We invite you to answer our survey to know your availability between 2 proposed dates. We hope to see many of you there! Thank you all. The Management.

Making a worker available to human resources

The way you handle a worker’s resignation is so important that when it is not done correctly it can end up hurting the company’s processes, affect the work environment and the morale of the rest of the collaborators; that’s why you must make sure you protect the company so that things go as smoothly as possible. Here are some ways to achieve this:

They say that an employee can never have the keys to the kingdom, because if one day he or she decides to leave, no one else will be able to get in. This is something you should always keep in mind to prevent the absence of an employee from shaking the business and one way to achieve this is by analyzing the work of each employee and discovering which tasks only one person knows how to do in order to offer training to the rest and prevent one person from becoming indispensable.

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It is normal that your employees acquire a lot of knowledge during their stay in the company and to some extent this is a great thing for any manager. The problem arises when employees start to quit in search of other plans and others start to appear who, of course, are not up to date with the knowledge.

Who a general manager relates to

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: system that allows developing the potentialities of the workers so that they can obtain the maximum satisfaction in their work, give the best of their efforts to the organization, and achieve the purposes of the administration in the most efficient and effective way.

ADMINISTRATION: the performance of acts through which the use of the material, human, financial and technical resources of an organization is oriented towards the fulfillment of institutional objectives.

POSITION: set of specific and representative activities or operations, related to the same field of action, whose exercise entails responsibilities and capabilities, whether professional, technical or those inherent to a trade.

CLASS: includes a position or set of positions that generate a similar added value to work processes that are sufficiently similar in terms of expertise, duties, responsibilities, authority and complexity to place them in the same stratum. In addition, the same academic preparation requirements, knowledge and other characteristics are required.

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