What is animal bioethics?

The Research Ethics and Animal Welfare Committee (CEIBA) of the University of La Laguna was created by the Governing Board on April 2, 2001 and modified, in its composition and regulation, under the new regulations approved by the Governing Council at its meeting on May 14, 2010 and subsequently appointed its members on the 17th of the same month, in order to adapt to the new regulations on the monitoring and control of the research carried out therein and its ethical aspects.

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The natural conditions and elements that constitute a healthy environment for the survival of mankind have been the flora and fauna. However, it is man himself who accelerates the alteration, disturbance or extinction in some cases of these indispensable elements, either by polluting their environment, torturing, mutilating or exterminating the fauna.

In the framework of the celebration of World Habitat and Animal Day, in 2012 the State of Mexico was declared an “Animal Friendly Entity”, reason for which the Deputy Attorney General’s Office for the Protection of Fauna was created, under the Office of the Attorney General for Environmental Protection of the State of Mexico, a decentralized instance of the Ministry of the Environment that handles complaints related to animal abuse; Therefore, applying the legal framework provided in the Code for Biodiversity of the State of Mexico, which protects domestic fauna and guarantees its welfare, it is a priority for the State Government to establish communication channels that allow interaction with the social sector dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals.

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And controls have been intensified at traffic lights, market places and entrances to the city, to prevent wildlife trafficking, reinforced with educational sessions in which emphasis is placed on how catastrophic it is for an animal to take it out of its natural habitat to live confined in a cage or tied to a chain, with the aggravating factor that it is not known what kind of diseases it may suffer at the time of capture, with the city lacking veterinarians specialized in this type of fauna.

Honored by the Mayor and with the vote of confidence for this appointment as President of the Animal Welfare Committee, Andrés Vélez stated that he will work tirelessly for all animals, raising awareness about their rights and ensuring the implementation of Law 1776 of 2016 to fight against animal abuse, in accordance with the guidelines of the Government Plan of the Armitage Administration.

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CEPAFIC, within the framework of its activities, has prepared a manual on the management of information on the use of animals for scientific purposes, in order to facilitate the work of all the links involved in the preparation of the mandatory annual and five-yearly reports on the application of the regulations, certain exceptions granted or on the uses of the animals.

The adequate training of the personnel in charge of their handling is an essential factor in the protection of the welfare of animals used for experimentation and other scientific and teaching purposes. Article 15 of Royal Decree 53/2013 of 1 February establishes the general principle that persons handling animals must have adequate training prior to carrying out their work.

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Ministerial Order ECC/566/2015, of March 20, establishing the training requirements to be met by personnel handling animals used, bred or supplied for experimental and other scientific purposes, including teaching establishes that animal facility personnel have to demonstrate that they have developed activities that allow them to keep updated the knowledge necessary to adequately develop their work.