Who are the people linked to sgsss?

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What are the types of members of the contributory system?

All persons with an employment contract, public servants, pensioners, self-employed workers with the capacity to pay, community mothers and apprentices in the educational and productive stage must be affiliated to the Contributive Regime.

How many types of affiliates are there in the system?

Since the enactment of Law 100 of 1993, it was determined that there were three types of participants in the General Social Security Health System: a) members of the contributory system, b) members of the subsidized system, and c) those linked to it.

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What is the contributory regime and who belongs to it?

The contributory regime is a set of rules that govern the affiliation of individuals and families to the General System of Social Security in Health. The members of the System through the contributory regime are the people linked through an employment contract, public servants, pensioners and retirees, as well as those who have …

Affiliation to the social security system

a) The health promoting entities are the entities responsible for the affiliation and registration of the affiliates and the collection of their contributions, by delegation of the solidarity and guarantee fund. Their basic function is to organize and guarantee, directly or indirectly, the provision of the mandatory health plan to the affiliates and to pay, within the terms set forth in this law, the difference between the income from the contributions of their affiliates and the value of the corresponding capitation payment units to the solidarity and guarantee fund.

Its objective will be the attention and prevention of the main risk factors for health and the promotion of healthy conditions and lifestyles strengthening the capacity of the community and that of the different territorial levels to act. The plan should include:

The acquisition and permanence of a Voluntary Health Plan implies prior affiliation and continuity through the payment of the contribution to the contributory regime of the General System of Social Security in Health.

What is a healthcare affiliate and how can it be classified?

Affiliated: This is the quality acquired by a person once he/she has become affiliated and which grants the right to the health services of the benefit plan provided by the General Social Security Health System and, when he/she contributes, to the economic benefits.

What is bonding?

– VINCENTRATED REGIME: This regime includes all those persons who, for reasons of inability to pay and while they become beneficiaries of the subsidized regime, shall be entitled to the health care services provided by public and private institutions that have an agreement or contract with the subsidized regime, and shall be entitled to the services provided by the public and private institutions that have an agreement or contract with the …

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What is the percentage of contribution to the Social Security System?

What is the percentage of contribution to the General Social Security System for health and pension? The contribution to the Contributive Regime in health of the dependent employee is 12.5% of the monthly salary, of which 8.5% is paid by the employer and 4% by the employee.

Type of beneficiary member

They can make additional contributions under two circumstances:1. When they are not working and need to comply with the contribution requirements.  2. When they wish to contribute to their fund in order to improve their future pension.

Yes, you can go back to work without stopping receiving a retirement pension. You only stop receiving a pension if you request its suspension, as well as resume withholding your contributions in order to continue contributing to your pension fund.

Yes, you can return to work while continuing to receive a retirement pension. In addition, you can opt for retirement without stopping working, maintaining the right to make APVCFP (only under Programmed Withdrawal) and APVSFP. You are not obliged to make Mandatory Contributions.

There may be inheritance of the balances not used in the pension payment, if there are no beneficiaries and the deceased is an active or passive member in Programmed Withdrawal, Temporary Income or Guaranteed Period.

If you meet the requirements of the regulations, your fund can be transferred abroad, including the value of the Recognition Bond, in case it already exists, paid by the Pension Normalization Office (ONP).

What are the pension systems in Colombia?

In Colombia there are two different pension systems: the Individual Savings with Solidarity System (RAIS) and the Average Premium System (RPM). You should know that both systems differ in their financing, administration of resources, requirements to access the pension and calculation of benefits.

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What is the contributory and subsidized regime?

The contributory regime is the system that covers workers who contribute a portion of their salary to have health coverage for themselves and their families. The subsidized regime covers those who cannot afford to pay for their health affiliation.

What is a contributory and subsidized regime?

c) A Subsidized Contributive Regime, which will protect independent professionals and technicians and self-employed workers with an average income equal to or higher than the national minimum wage, with contributions from the worker and a state subsidy to make up for the lack of an employer.

Types of social security affiliation

In programmed retirement, the member maintains ownership of his or her funds and can change AFP and pension mode. In the event of death, the remaining balance will continue to be used to pay survivors’ pensions to the beneficiaries, and if they do not exist, any remaining funds will be paid as an inheritance.

In this mode, the member has the possibility of requesting Special Coverage Conditions to improve the situation of his survivor pension beneficiaries in the event of his death.

In this mode, the funds that the member has in his/her individual AFP account are divided and he/she simultaneously contracts with them an immediate life annuity and a Programmed Withdrawal pension.

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