Congressional committees and their functions

Every bill is successively debated by each chamber in order to reach an agreement on the articles under consideration: this procedure is known as the “procedure of passage”. The government has the power to interrupt this procedure after two readings in each chamber. The Prime Minister then requests the meeting of a Joint and Parity Commission (CMP), composed of 7 deputies and 7 senators in charge of reaching a compromise for the drafting of the articles still pending.

What is the Senate’s Fifth Committee?

Discussion of agricultural regime, ecology and environment, natural resources, land adjudication and recovery, ichthyological resources and marine affairs, mines and energy; regional autonomous corporations.

What is the Standing Committee?

Permanent Commission or Delegated Commission in general, is the body constituted in the Congresses or Parliaments, to perform the functions of the same or of any of its chambers, while in recess, due to the closing of the ordinary period of sessions.

What is the difference between standing and non-standing committees?

The committees, both in the Congress and in the Senate, are divided into those that are permanent in nature and their existence is thus provided for in the Rules of Procedure, and those that are not permanent, which are created for a specific task, after which they cease to exist.

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Legislative Committees

The groups may replace their representatives in the committees at any time, either permanently by writing to the President of Congress or for an exceptional matter by verbal communication to the chairman of the committee. The members of the Government may attend the commissions with voice but may only vote in those of which they form part. (art. 40.2 and 40.3 R.C.)

The commissions, both in the Congress and in the Senate, are divided between those which are permanent in nature and whose existence is thus provided for in the Rules of Procedure, and the non-permanent ones, which are eventually created for a specific task, after which they are extinguished.

In the Senate, these “working groups” may be non-legislative, but in the Congress, when they are formed to prepare a report on specific matters, they are called subcommittees, as established by a resolution of the Presidency of the House in June 1996.

In the case of committees of inquiry, journalists may attend the sessions in which informative committees are held, unless they concern reserved matters or the committee considers that they deal with matters that coincide with judicial proceedings.

What are the committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives?

There are three legal committees in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. These committees are: Commission on Human Rights and Hearings, the Commission on Ethics and Statute of the Congressman and the Commission on Documentary Accreditation.

What are the committees of the Senate?

Proportional representation of commissions. In the current LXIV Legislature, of the 46 commissions, the presidencies are distributed as follows: Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (MORENA): 22 commissions.

What is the Third Senate Committee?

Composed of seventeen (17) members in the Senate and twenty-nine (29) members in the House of Representatives, it shall be in charge of: public finance and credit; taxes and contributions; tax exemptions; monetary regime; laws on the Bank of the Republic; central banking system; laws on monopolies; …

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What are the commissions of the Colombian Congress?

1. The Commission of the Statute of Deputies shall be composed of one member from each of the Parliamentary Groups. It shall have a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and a Secretary, who shall correspond, in their order, to the representatives of the three Parliamentary Groups of greatest numerical importance at the beginning of the Legislature.

1. The Plenary of the House, at the proposal of the Bureau, having heard the Board of Spokesmen, may agree to the creation of other Committees of a permanent nature during the term of office in which the agreement is adopted.

What are the functions of the First Senate Commission?

Composed of twenty-two (22) members in the Senate and thirty-eight (38) in the House of Representatives, it will be in charge of: constitutional reform; statutory laws; territorial organization; regulations of the control agencies; general rules on administrative contracting; notary and registry; structure and …

What is the Second Senate Commission?

It has 13 members in the Senate and is in charge of International Policy, National Defense and Public Force, Foreign Trade and Economic Integration, Borders, Foreigners, Public Monuments.

What is the Standing Committee and how does it work?

The Permanent Commission is composed of 37 legislators, 19 of whom are deputies and 18 senators. … It does not have legislative powers, so it does not rule on bills or decrees. Among its functions are: To give its consent for the use of the National Guard.

Congressional Committees

The Bureau of the Senate, at its meeting held on May 3, 1994, having heard the Board of Spokesmen, in accordance with the additional provision of the reform of the Senate Rules of Procedure with regard to the strengthening of its territorial function, approved by the Plenary Session of the House at its meeting held on January 11, 1994, has approved the revised text of the Senate Rules of Procedure, approved at the meeting held on May 26, 1982 and amended at the meetings held on November 11, 1992, October 6, 1993 and January 11, 1994.

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Once the general elections to the Senate have been held, the Senators-elect shall accredit their status by personally delivering the credentials issued by the corresponding Provincial Electoral Board to the General Secretariat of the Chamber.

2. The Senators appointed by the Autonomous Communities shall likewise submit the credentials issued by the corresponding body of the Assembly of the Autonomous Community. Senators appointed for a period not coinciding with the term of office of the Senate shall submit, after the elections to the Senate, a new credential or certification attesting to the validity of their appointment, in accordance with the corresponding legislation.

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