What are advisory committees?

Executive Committee

The Advisory Committee advises the Agency’s Executive Director and ensures close cooperation with stakeholders. The Advisory Committee is composed of representatives of the Advisory Boards, with one representative from each Advisory Board. The Executive Director chairs the Advisory Committee meetings.

A representative of the Advisory Committee participates in the deliberations of the Board of Directors without voting rights. The advisory committee representative on the EFCA Board of Directors is appointed on an annual rotation system agreed upon by its members.

The advisory councils are stakeholder organizations composed of representatives from industry and other interest groups. In addition to the seven advisory councils listed below, the new CFP provides for the creation of four new advisory councils for the Black Sea, Aquaculture, Markets and Outermost Regions.

The Advisory Councils are integrated into the EFCA communication strategy as key partners. They provide the European Commission and EU countries with recommendations on fisheries management issues.

What is the role of national marketing advisory committees?

– The functions of the SCs are as follows: I. – Comply with the provisions established in these operating rules; II. – To propose the annual standardization program in the areas of its competence, submitting it to the consideration of the Chairman of the CCNN through the Technical Secretary; III.

What are the National Construction Standardization Committees and who are their members?

The National Commission for Standardization (CNN) is the coordinating body for standardization policy at the national level and is currently made up of 43 members including agencies and entities of the federal public administration, chambers, national standardization organizations and associations, which are …

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What are the technical committees for Standardization?

The Technical Committees for National Standardization (CTNN) are bodies recognized by the Ministry of Economy (SE) and their function is to prepare Mexican standards (NMX) in those areas of the industry where there is no registered National Standardization Body.

National Advisory Committee for Tourism Standardization

Opinion amending Article 6 of the Internal Regulations of the Citizen Advisory Councils of Zapotlán el Grande, updating the provisions of state and national legislation on transparency of citizen councils that make up the municipalities and its explanatory memorandum.

The advisory councils are collegiate bodies of permanent consultation and of citizen nature whose purpose is the congregation of specialists and interested parties in the topics that are within the competence of the Municipality.

How are the National Standardization Advisory Committees integrated?

They shall be made up of technical personnel from the competent agencies, according to the subject matter of the committee, organizations of industrialists, service providers, traders, agricultural, forestry or fishing producers, scientific or technological research centers, professional associations and …

How is the NOM Committee integrated?

– The Committee, in accordance with Article 62 of the Law, shall be integrated by technical personnel of the competent agencies, by organizations of industrialists, service providers, traders, producers, scientific or technological research institutions, professional associations and professional associations, and …

What are the responsibilities of the National Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health Standardization?

– The Committee is the multisectoral collegiate body responsible for the development of the Mexican Official Standards on occupational safety and health, its promotion, as well as the dissemination of its compliance, whose legitimate objective of public interest is the protection of physical integrity, health, and safety in the workplace, as well as the …

National Advisory Committee for Regulatory Standardization and Health Promotion

As an expert advisory body, the Independent Oversight Advisory Committee assists the Executive Board and the Executive Director in exercising their governance responsibilities. The members of the Independent Oversight Advisory Committee are completely independent of and external to the WFP Secretariat and Executive Board.

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The Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) is a subsidiary body of the General Assembly whose offices are in New York and which, like the FAO Finance Committee, provides guidance to the Board on financial matters.

The WFP External Auditor carries out the audit of WFP’s accounts and performs other tasks as requested by the Executive Board. The scope of work and terms of reference of the External Auditor are defined in the WFP Financial Regulations (Chapter XIV and annex).

The External Auditor is appointed by the Executive Board through a competitive process and must be the Auditor General (or equivalent position) of a Member State. The Court of Accounts (Cour des comptes) of France is the External Auditor of WFP for the period from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2022.

What is the National Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health Standardization?

– The National Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health Standardization is the body empowered to prepare official Mexican standards, as well as to promote their compliance in occupational safety and health matters under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, of …

What is the National Advisory Committee for Disease Prevention and Control Standards?

The CCNNPCE is the collegiate body of the Subsecretariat of Prevention and Health Promotion of the SS, in charge of the elaboration of NOM’s in the field of disease prevention and control, in accordance with the provisions of the LFMN, the RLFMN, the Guidelines and other applicable provisions.

What are the objectives of the Technical Committee for Standardization?

The Technical Standardization Committees (CTN) are those who under the supervision of the Directorate of Standardization are responsible for developing the proposal of #PeruvianTechnicalNorm related to their field of activity; and are formed by representatives of the sectors involved in a defined activity.

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National Standardization Advisory Committees

Specifically, the IAC oversees the policy and strategy of the Memory of the World Program as a whole. Accordingly, it monitors the overall progress of the Programme, reviews the reports of its subcommittees, regional committees and the Secretariat, and in turn advises these bodies on their roles and responsibilities.

The regional committees provide a means of dealing with issues that fall outside the practical possibilities of the International Advisory Committee on the one hand and the individual national committees on the other, and constitute a mechanism for cooperation and complementary work that transcends national boundaries. Its members will normally include representatives of the corresponding national committees.

o Propose the inscription in regional or international registers of documentary heritage that transcends national borders or that for any reason has little chance of being included in a register.

The national Memory of the World committees are autonomous entities, with their own mandate and their own rules of composition and succession. To be entitled to use the Memory of the World name and logo, they must be authorized by the relevant National Commission for UNESCO, and generally meet the following requirements: