What are blacklisted medicines?

Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar fulfills its mandate

During the conference, the possible disappearance of the precinct coupon was also highlighted, although it remains to be determined how the information it contains, such as the code number for reduced-contribution drugs, will be treated.

Another of the doubts that have been resolved is that there will be a period of coexistence between the current system and the new one, so that manufacturers will be able to market drugs with the new devices before February 9, 2019, one of Farmaindustria’s claims.

Press Conference on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

MADRID – Is the remedy worse or the disease? Most voices will point to the second option, however, in order to prevent future evils, the US agency FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will from now on publish a list of drugs with potentially dangerous adverse effects for the health of patients.

However, the agency is aware that the appearance of certain drugs on the ‘blacklist’ may lead to the abandonment of treatment in some cases. “My message to patients is not to stop taking their medicines if their doctor has prescribed them, unless their doctor tells them otherwise,” said Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation.

The first report was released this month and names several drugs that pose a risk to the future health of some patients. The document is available on the FDA’s official website and contains the names of 20 drugs and the possible consequences of their continued use.

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The blacklist of 58 dangerous drugs (La liste noire des 58 médicaments dangereux)Le Nouvel Observateur, September 12, 2012http://tempsreel.nouvelobs.com/le-dossier-de-l-bs/20120912.OBS2062/infographie-la-liste-noire-des-58-medicaments-dangereux.html

Cardiovascular: 4 coronary and arterial vasodilator drugs: Adancor (Derono), Ikorel (Sanofi), Vastarel and Trivastal (Servier) 1 against heart failure: Procoralan (Servier), 1 antiarrhythmic : Fines (Sanofi) 3 anticoagulants or antiaggregants: Ticlid (Sanofi), Pradaxa (Boehringer) and Xigris (Lilly).

It is recommended to replace them with other anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid possible skin necrosis and hepatitis. Celebrex and Arcoxia, cousins of Vioxx, should be withdrawn from the market because they cause vascular accidents.

Birth control pills: Cycleane, Mercilon, Varnoline, (Shering Prough), Melodia, Yaz, Diane 35, Jasmine-Jasminelle (Bayer), Minesse (Wyeth), Felixita (Theramex) Carlin, Triafemi, Holgyeme (Effik), Lumalia (Pierre Fabre), Evepar (Mylan), Minerva (Biogaram).

Clear Medicine

On the other hand, the USTR also applauds the fact that Colombia will not take into account the price of drugs when granting them sanitary registration, a mechanism that had been devised to avoid the establishment of unaffordable prices for drugs upon their entry into the market.

Finally, the United States invites Colombia to encourage innovation in health by adopting stronger intellectual property systems. To accede to this demand would be catastrophic for the health of the Colombian population and for the financial stability of the national health system, especially when it is clear that intellectual property systems, far from stimulating innovation, block it.

The new observations in this version of Special 301 generate concern because it is a notorious fact that the current administration is worried about the image of the U.S. Government and therefore we can assume that this illegitimate report constitutes an effective pressure.

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These new observations point to the expectation -or rather demand- that the United States has for Colombia to develop and pass a law to combat piracy through expeditious mechanisms for the removal or disabling of pirated content circulating physically and online.