Members of a neighborhood committee

A works council is a collective representation body, which tries to represent the interests of the workers before the company. It is made up of a group of workers who have been elected by the workers as a whole.

A works council is a representative body within a company. It is responsible for representing the company’s workers before the company and its management. The works council is made up of a number of workers, who have been elected and appointed to the position by the workers of the company itself.

These, among others, are some of the objectives of a works council. In this sense, the primary objective is that the workers are employed under favorable conditions, as well as that the company maintains its activity, thus maintaining jobs.

What are the functions of the committees?

A committee or commission is a governing body of a political party or one of its sections, a representative body of the workers of a company or work center for the defense of their interests.

What are the functions of the grievance committee?

COMPETENCY AND OBJECTIVE: The Complaints and Grievances Committee of the Constitutional Court has the function of receiving and forwarding to the competent authorities the complaints and grievances filed by citizens against any public servant of the Corporation, and eventually projecting a response.

What is a committee and who are its members?

It is composed of two (2) representatives of the employer and two (2) of the workers with their respective alternates, the rule empowering the private company or public entity to designate a greater number of representatives, which in any case shall be equal on both sides.

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Members of a committee

It is part of the strategies that companies adopt to create better working conditions for their employees, along with a policy of good treatment and the implementation of behavior codes or manuals, all of them adjusted to the circumstances and needs of each organization. It is a preventive measure of labor harassment (Resolution 2646 of 2008, Ministry of Social Protection Art. 14 numeral 9 1.7) that contributes to protect workers against psychosocial risks that affect the health of personnel in the workplace.

Preferably they should have attitudinal and behavioral competencies that reflect respect, impartiality, tolerance, serenity, confidentiality, confidentiality in the handling of information and ethics. They should also have assertive communication, leadership and conflict resolution skills.

Within the Committee, a chairperson and a secretary must be elected, who convene the meetings and keep records of the meetings. Employers are responsible for allocating a physical space to keep documents confidential and time for the members to perform their duties, as well as for arranging for their training and education.

What are the functions of a Joint Committee?

The objectives of the Joint Committee are to advise and instruct workers on the correct use of protective instruments; to monitor compliance by both companies and workers with preventive, health and safety measures; to investigate the causes of accidents and accidents; and to provide advice and training to workers on the use of the …

What is the role of Research Ethics Committees?

The Committee’s mission is to ensure respect for the dignity, integrity and identity of the human being with regard to research involving human subjects, biological samples or data of human origin, as well as to promote ethical behavior in research.

What is the purpose of the Coexistence Committee?

We remind everyone that the Labor Coexistence Committee seeks to prevent harassment at work, helping to protect employees against psychosocial risks that affect health in the workplace, the objectives it pursues are: … – Supporting the dignity and integrity of people at work.

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What is a company’s executive committee?

The purpose of the Labor Coexistence Committee is to prevent harassment at work and to deal with it when it occurs. The Committee will seek to promote labor relations conducive to mental health and respect for the dignity of employees at all hierarchical levels of the Corporation, through strategies of promotion, prevention and intervention for the resolution of conflicts, thus developing awareness, training and periodic monitoring activities.

ARTICLE ONE: MEMBERS OF THE LABOR COEXISTENCE COMMITTEE. The Labor Coexistence Committee shall be composed of two (2) representatives of the employer and their respective alternates and two (2) of the employees, with their respective alternates.

ARTICLE EIGHT: REPLACEMENTS. The alternates of the representatives, both of the employer and of the employees, shall be summoned by the rest of the members of the Committee in the event of temporary or definitive absence of some of its main members. They shall be numerical alternates in the order of voting in which they were elected.

What is the role of the Labor Coexistence Committee?

The labor coexistence committee aims to prevent and solve situations caused by harassment behavior of workers within the institution, seeking to generate a collective consciousness of coexistence, in order to promote work in decent and fair conditions, harmony and harmony.

What does Resolution 652 of 2012 say?

Description: Establishes the formation and operation of the Labor Coexistence Committee in public entities and private companies and establishes other provisions.

What is the mandatory attitude of the committee members?

It shall be the obligation of the members of the Committee to show an attitude of leadership, support and commitment to integrity, principles, ethical values, integrity rules, as well as to the prevention of administrative misconduct and crimes due to acts of corruption.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is a collective body that, integrated in the company and elected by the board of directors, is in charge of executing all those decisions that have been adopted by the company to achieve its objectives.

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The executive committee is part of the company’s management. In addition, the committee is in charge of carrying out, following up and supervising all the decisions approved by the board of directors. This committee is made up of a group of people who are elected by the company’s board of directors.

Among the functions of the executive committee are all those that, in the first place, have been ordered by the company’s management. In this sense, whatever the management orders, it is the committee’s task to put it into practice.

Although both parties feed back on each other, they do not represent the same figure. We are talking about two bodies belonging to one company, in which one is dependent on the other, at least in terms of management. In other words, the executive committee and the board of directors are both part of a company’s management, but in a hierarchical structure, the board of directors is the highest-ranking management body within the company, while the executive committee reports to it.

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