What are roles in ServiceNow?


Service Now se utiliza cada vez más como portal de peticiones para el usuario final, pero sigue siendo una herramienta compleja para gestionar el aprovisionamiento del entorno AD/AAD /O365. Os mostraremos cómo ayuda Active Roles y las diferentes integraciones que podemos proponer para ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

Hola y bienvenidos a esta sesión técnica. Mi nombre es Frederic Courtois, y soy Arquitecto de Soluciones para One Identity. Trabajo en el departamento de preventa. En esta sesión les hablaré de Active Roles y ServiceNow y de los diferentes escenarios que podemos implementar para que ambos productos funcionen juntos y para sacar el máximo partido a ambos productos, lo que hará que mejoren juntos.

ServiceNow es una herramienta ITSM, que es altamente personalizable y en la que se pueden implementar muchos escenarios diferentes desde la perspectiva del usuario final hasta la gestión de activos y todas las diferentes características. El objetivo empresarial de ServiceNow es mejorar la eficiencia operativa proporcionando al usuario final un único portal corporativo para solicitar el acceso a los activos de TI.

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One of the key new features is the introduction of Operational Resilience Management, which demonstrates that ServiceNow goes beyond IT risk and is truly an enterprise risk management platform.

ServiceNow Operational Resilience Management enables organizations to anticipate, prevent, respond and adapt to adverse events.  It helps organizations address this goal at a practical level with dedicated dashboards to monitor and maintain the key pillars of resilience: technology (including cybersecurity), facilities, people and suppliers.

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The Regulatory Change Management solution provides role-based visibility into the regulatory landscape for managers, including events, tasks and due dates. Configurable reports, notifications and alerts increase transparency of regulatory compliance across the organization and especially with leadership.

New enhancements were made to problem grouping and correction using ServiceNow’s artificial intelligence and machine learning. ServiceNow can now suggest clustering of similar problems using AI / ML. It analyzes similar problems and predicts the correct problem group for the current problem or creates a new group for similar problems.

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In this scenario appear the accesses, passwords that you have to give daily in the office so that employees can access folders, programs, computers, files, rooms… Many requests that take away time that you could be dedicating to other tasks. Without forgetting, of course, the problems of security and protection of confidential information.

This situation results in general distrust in the company and blame on the IT department. The service desk is saturated, you get frustrated and need more time to operate, which impacts on a drastic reduction of productivity. You don’t know how to help. You become paralyzed. You see that the way out is to take a step forward. And that step involves automation in management, creation of roles with determined access and visibility of access to avoid cloning that breaks with standardization.

With ACCESSO they seek to help customers working with ServiceNow in processes as basic as user access management, which is currently one of the biggest business concerns, especially in matters related to cybersecurity.

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Restore services and resolve issues quickly. Maintain employee productivity and satisfaction with seamless contact with the help desk to track and resolve issues.

Upgrade quickly and easily with an out-of-the-box testing framework. Thanks to the quick-start testing infrastructure, administrators can create and maintain tests that run across a range of applications, even if they have different data sets or are UI pages that are part of the Now Platform®.

Easily manage high and low priority work by addressing incidents based on their impact and urgency. Automatically assigns critical incidents to teams of specialists to handle them without delay and with less impact to the business.

Simplify configuration and deploy Incident Management in a matter of days with simple configuration steps and integrated help. Measure implementation progress with visual status checks, gain experience with product tours and configure the solution to realize its full potential.

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