What are synonyms and antonyms for committees?

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When we speak of an object, such as a bed, or an instrument, such as a microscope, we all mentally superimpose the word with the object and interpret the same thing; the interlocutor identifies exactly what the speaker means – almost always!

An opposite situation is the naming of invisible elements (microbes), phenomena, reactions, concepts, etc. Since the middle of the 20th century, there has been a succession of discoveries with English names that hardly allow time to translate into Spanish. Often terms in both languages coexist and are used indistinctly. New concepts quickly become obsolete. Elements are rediscovered or situations are redefined with new names but without annulling the previous ones.

Fortunately, nowadays the diffusion of scientific advances is almost instantaneous throughout the world, which makes it possible to unify names, as in the case of AIDS or Legionnaires’ disease, which are universally accepted as such. However, there are exceptions. The name of some diseases, like the disease itself, has sometimes constituted a deep charge against the economy or the prestige of a population.

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Another very prominent American scholar on trust matters, the illustrious Scott, who in his basic book states that in the United States, Trust Committees do not work for all trusts but for specific cases, since they are considered as advisory bodies hired by the companies to make better decisions in fields where they lack experience, these collegiate bodies are previously selected for their very high specific knowledge and their skill in the management of certain areas, helping to make better decisions. From the above we find how the figure of the technical committees were created for decision making in areas of special knowledge. Castillo Flores(4) tells us that very little has been written about this trust body in the United States, Canada and Latin America. This scholar tells us that the Civil Code of Louisiana in the United States, of strong French tradition, with a trust of Anglo-Saxon origin and the Civil Code of the Province of Quebec with a similar situation in terms of legal traditions with the trust also Anglo-Saxon barely refer to this figure.

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Committee synonym

committee n m A group of persons elected or appointed to carry out a certain task, usually made up of representatives or spokespersons of various groups or institutions: coordinating committee strike committee, “Regional committees will be formed to organize the collection”.

They are those persons in charge of an issue. The leading body of a political party or one of its sections, representative body of the workers of a company or work center for the defense of their interests.

There are also committees of experts on a subject and are working groups where they meet to discuss projects, theories or standards on a topic. For example: the committee that determines the annual Nobel Prize winners in Stockholm.

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The word “corresponsabilidad” that we use in colloquial language combines the preposition “co” with the adjective “responsable”. Let us first see what “responsible” means. This term is applied to a person who is obliged to answer for a thing or task that has been entrusted to him or by another person. It is said of a person that he is responsible when he diligently and efficiently fulfills that which has been entrusted to him: a job, a task, a mission.

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. They are used to embellish a piece of writing. For example in a poem, in a novel or even in a letter or assignment where we do not want to repeat the same word several times. Here are some examples, I hope you like them.

Narcissism is a behavior or mania typical of the narcissist. This adjective, which comes from the mythological character Narcissus, refers to the man who prides himself on being beautiful, who is in love with himself or who takes too much care of his composure. Narcissism, therefore, is the excessive complacency in the consideration of one’s own faculties.

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