General social security regime

Following in this sense the temporal order in the publication thereof, it is worth mentioning in the first place Royal Decree 1462/2018, of December 21, which sets the minimum interprofessional wage for 2019, by means of which its amount is increased by 22.3 percent.

This is going to determine, as established in article 19.2 of the consolidated text of the General Social Security Law, that as of January 1, 2019, the minimum ceiling of the contribution bases applicable to all the regimes of the system will be increased to the amount of the minimum interprofessional wage in force in said fiscal year, increased by one sixth, unless expressly provided otherwise.

The contribution rates applicable to self-employed workers of the Special Social Security Scheme for Sea Workers are also modified, and the contribution bases and rates are updated both in the Special Systems for Household Employees and for Agricultural Workers, both established in the General Social Security Scheme, and in the Special System for Agricultural Self-Employed Workers, established in the Special Social Security Scheme for Self-Employed Workers or Self-Employed Workers.

What types of Social Security are there?

a) The Contributory Plan, which includes the Old Age Benefit, Disability Benefit, Death Pensions derived therefrom and Funeral Expenses. b) The Semi-Contributory Plan, which includes the Old Age Solidarity Benefit, Death Pension derived therefrom and Funeral Expenses.

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What are the Social Security regimes and what are they?

Social Security systems are systems established by law that have evolved over several decades. They are ways of guaranteeing a base of welfare and social benefits to Spanish taxpayers and vary according to the citizen’s employment situation.

What is important to know about social security?

– Social Security guarantees workers and their families against the risks of reduction or loss of working and earning capacity due to illness, disability and death, whether or not attributable to work, and maternity and old age.

Social security characteristics pdf

We are going to explain you how to know your situation in the Social Security, requesting a report to know if you are registered and all the related data. This is a simple procedure that you can do online on the website of the Social Security Electronic Headquarters, through which we will guide you step by step.

In any case, it is usually enough to ask your employer directly if you are registered, and to check if your contract is an official document with the seal of the Ministry of Employment. If he/she does not answer you, if he/she has sent you home during quarantine or if the contract is not official, then you may want to find out on your own.

You should also know that all the offices of the General Treasury of the Social Security are obliged to give you this information, although you will have to look for the telephone number of the one closest to you to make an appointment. But we are going to explain you the purely online procedure, since it is really simple. You will only need your digital certificate or [email protected] PIN.

What is the 0111 regime?

Form 111 is the quarterly form through which companies and self-employed individuals declare and pay the withholdings they have made during the quarter to workers, professionals or businessmen.

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What is the benefit system?

Benefits and pensions are understood to be the set of measures implemented by Social Security to foresee, repair or overcome the states of need arising from the updating of certain contingencies.

What is the importance of social security in companies?

THE IMPORTANCE OF SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK. … Its objective is to improve working conditions and the work environment, in addition to occupational health, which leads to the promotion of the maintenance of the physical, mental and social well-being of employees.

Special social security schemes

SalaryIf you work in Germany, several taxes are deducted directly from your gross salary before you receive your salary (net salary). A distinction is made between taxes and social insurance contributions. The exact amount of these deductions can be found in your paycheck. However, to get an idea of the amounts in advance, you can search for gross-net calculators on the Internet. An example of a calculation of what is deducted from your gross salary can be found in the chart “Wages in Germany”.

What is the importance of social security for the company?

Benefits of complying with social security

Improvement in the structure of the companies, by recognizing their efforts in terms of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. Avoidance of personnel turnover and labor dissatisfaction.

What are the advantages of having social security?

For workers:

Medical, hospital, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation care for the worker and his/her family. Retirement savings. Childcare for the care of their children. Social benefits (recreational activities and vacation centers).

What is the contribution rate?

The contribution rate is a percentage applied to the employee’s contribution base to calculate the amount to be paid into Social Security.

What is the social security system?

Every person in Chile, depending on his or her personal situation and faced with a risk or life event, should know his or her rights or alternatively, if he or she does not know them, should know where or to whom to turn for such information or advice.

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To ensure that society provides protection to individuals and their households, access to medical care and guarantees income security, the International Labor Organization (ILO) defined Social Security as a Human Right.

In Chile and the Americas, at the end of the 19th century, enormous economic and social changes were experienced, and workers and their families demanded better working and subsistence conditions. At the beginning of the 20th century, social insurance was established and international agreements were signed, among others.

Social Security is an instrument of social justice. In Chile, in the event of old age, unemployment, illness, disability, work accidents, maternity or loss of a breadwinner, the State has provided a set of laws, policies and social protection measures. This set is called the Pension System, available to people who at different stages of their lives must face a contingency that prevents them from generating income. In this sense, it is intended to anticipate or “foresee” the future.

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